The Landscape Photography Podcast

The Landscape Photography Podcast

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Coming out of a Creative Funk – LPP #62
May 17, 2021

We all go through them, and I have been in probably the longest one of my photographic career.  In this episode I talk about what has finally brought me out of my creative rut, in hopes that it helps

Goals for 2021 – LPP #61
February 04, 2021

Do we grow as photographers when we travel... or when we shoot close to home?  In this episode we talk about setting goals for our photography in 2021 - Enter your submissions to the 2020 Storm Photo

Goals for 2021 - LPP #61
February 04, 2021

Growing as a photographer in 2021

Chasing the Extremes with Marc Adamus – LPP #60
September 03, 2020

Today we are talking with the incredible Marc Adamus, one of the pioneers of Modern Landscape photography and the epic photograph.  In this discussion we are a little all over the board talking about everything from extreme weather,

Traveling during the Apocalypse – LPP #59
June 23, 2020

Crazy times call for drastic measures.  Who knew that over-landing and traveling during a global pandemic would have so much in common.  In this episode I talk about traveling during these crazy times and tips for staying safe. -

Expressive Photography with Alister Benn – LPP #58
May 01, 2020

Today we are talking with the amazing Scottish photographer Alister Benn.  Alister is known for his excellent ebooks and education, teaching workshops, and most recently his excellent Youtube channel which can be found here. -

Your Questions Answered – LPP #57
March 26, 2020

In this episode we answer listener questions that came in from the Landscape Photography Podcast Facebook group. - If your interested in Nick's Tutorials you can use the offer code THISTOOSHALLPASS at -

Traveling for Photography – LPP #56
March 03, 2020

Traveling with photography gear can be super stressful... so in this episode I share some of the things I have learned traveling as much as I have, and talk about what I take with me, and how to get your gear on the plane -

Live Panel with Ian Plant, Sean Bagshaw, Michael Shainblum and Gavin Hardcastle – LPP #55
October 21, 2019

Recorded live at the Out of Oregon photography conference, I sit down with Ian Plant, Sean Bagshaw, Michael Shainblum and Gavin Hardcastle and take questions from the audience as well as the live youtube chatroom. - Ian's website - Sean's website

When is it Enough, with David Thompson – LPP #54
September 26, 2019

This week I am joined by one of my very favorite landscape photographers, David Thompson.  Make sure you check out David's work on his website.  - you can follow David on Instagram @davidthompson -