Culture Eats Strategy

Culture Eats Strategy

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How A Young Entrepreneur Launched Remote-Based Business CROSSNET | Ep. 69 Chris Meade
March 24, 2020

Fun, young and active entrepreneur Chris Meade joins us today for another exciting discussion on culture. He runs a remote-based business CROSSNET and we talk about how he creates a fun working environment for his millennial workforce.

Transformative Learning and Wellbeing For Leadership Development | Ep. 068 David Cherner
March 17, 2020

Today, we had the chance to converse with David Cherner, the Co-Founder and CEO at YOL. The company delivers transformative learning experiences for professionals and teams. They combine wellbeing training and mindfulness-based service engagement as a ...

Stand In Your Strength | Ep. 67 Jenean Perelstein
February 18, 2020

Today, workplace culture expert Jenean Perelstein joins us to discuss culture and how entrepreneurs can achieve a higher level of positivity, productivity, and profitability.  She is the author and creator of Internal Alchemy: The Welcoming Abundance B...

Bottleneck Staff Stepping Up | Ep. 066 Jaime Jay
February 11, 2020

For another special episode, Jaime Jay of Culture Eats Strategy shares an important event in his life where he had to take a break from work. Surely, it is one of the most nerve-wracking event any entrepreneur would ever encounter.  However,

Intentional Employee Development | Ep. 065 Jon Breen
February 04, 2020

After seeing a disconnect between companies and engineering graduates, Businessman and Engineer Jon Breen of Breen Machine Automation proudly advocates for intentional employee development. He shares with us today his career and life as an entrepreneur...

Contagious Culture: Intentionally Creating an Organization That Thrives | 064 Anese Cavanaugh
December 24, 2019

Anese Cavanaugh joins us today to share how she helps people to intentionally create an organization that thrives through establishing a contagious culture. She shares how business leaders and any individual can show up and bring their best selves to t...

Genius Mistakes: Identifying and Overcoming Business Challenges | 063 Mike Sackmary
December 17, 2019

Today, former rocket engineer turned investor/consultant Mike Sackmary joins us for another exciting episode. He coined the phrase Genius Mistake and he shares how business owners, entrepreneurs, and other leaders can identify and overcome these mistak...

Focusing on Reliability and Relationships To Scale Your Business | 062 Yakir Markowitz
December 10, 2019

Yakir Markowitz, the CEO of HIARC Roofing Service, joins us today to share how reliability and relationships helped to scale his business. He also shares how hiring a consultant helped him focus and how communicating effectively delivered better result...

Sneak Peek: Bottleneck Virtual Assistants’ Company Culture | 061
December 03, 2019

You’ve heard about Bottleneck Virtual Assistants in the past, where Jaime Jay, our host, conversed with amazing business leaders. BNVA is Jaime Jay’s company and his team members are here to talk about the good and the bad of working remotely.

Lessons on Entrepreneurial Culture, Communication and Courage | 060 Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan
November 19, 2019

Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan, the founders of the world’s largest wine brand, joins us today to share some important lessons on entrepreneurial culture, the importance of communication and why courage is needed in business.