The Hoffman Podcast

The Hoffman Podcast

S6e11: Natalie Kuhn - Spirituality & Your Amazing Body

April 27, 2023

Natalie Kuhn Hoffman PodcastNatalie Kuhn is Co-CEO and a founding teacher of The Class. Listen in as she shares about spirituality, the human body, and the incredible healing power of expression.

While Natalie grew up with Catholicism and Buddhism, it was in her biology class that she realized the profound power of the spiritual nature of life. Natalie saw the power of the human body to heal as a doorway to the mystery of the unseen power of spirituality. In her work today, the power of her spiritual insight has come full circle in her work in The Class. It truly is a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual expression of the reach of Natalie’s love’s everyday radius.

In this conversation with Liz, Natalie speaks a lot about the power of expression. During her week at the Process, she discovered that all of her emotions were finally set free when she was able to express the fullness of her anger through her cathartic work there. She goes on to tell us how expression frees emotion, which frees our vitality, life force, and creativity. In other words, it frees our Spirit. Natalie found that her work at the Process brought even more of her vitality and joy to her work with people and The Class.

Tag along on this joyful ride with Natalie and Liz, and stay with them to the end. You’ll be glad you did because Natalie has a special gift for you.

More about Natlie Kuhn:

Natalie is Co-CEO and a founding teacher of The Class, a global digital wellness company whose innovative workout combines fitness and mindfulness in order to strengthen the body, become aware of the mind, and create a deeper connection to self. As the first employee of the business, she helped grow it from its inception in 2013 when it was originally taught in the founder’s apartment building to what it is today. Natalie is known for being the category creator of mindful movement, practiced in-person in NY & LA, and digitally in 71 countries across the globe.

As mentioned in this episode:

The Cycle of Transformation

Cycle of Transformation


“To let go of our patterns, we must exercise our free will – choose to step out of a pattern and take action using our Voice, Body, and Intention. We use our Voice to say “No” to the pattern and “Yes” to what we are moving toward. We use our Body to physically express ourselves. All the while, our Intention is to free ourselves of the pattern(s) we are working with and get back in touch with our aliveness and authenticity. Our expression is not necessarily about anger – it’s about “claiming” your life. It’s about taking a stand. Sometimes that includes anger, but it can also be about joy, love, commitment, and empowerment.”
Learn more about the power of Expression through the Hoffman Process by downloading this PDF.