The Hoffman Podcast

The Hoffman Podcast

S3e1: Wilma Mae Basta - From Patterns to Superpowers

May 20, 2021

Wilma Mae Basta Hoffman PodcastWe begin season 3 with Wilma Mae Basta, entrepreneur and founder of DRK Beauty. Listen in as Wilma Mae shares how profound both the Process and her healing journey have been.

Originally from Philadelphia, Wilma Mae did her Process in the UK where she lived and worked at the time. When she arrived at the Process, she knew she was at the point where she couldn’t think her way “out of a paper bag.” She made the very conscious decision to “allow Hoffman to catch” her.

Wilma Mae had been told that as a strong Black woman, she needed to stay strong and figure things out on her own. When she faced severe depression, however, none of that worked for her. She realized that what she really needed to do was ask for and receive the help she needed. The Process helped Wilma Mae heal her patterns and discover her superpowers.


Wilma Mae’s experience of finding it difficult to locate the right kind of help to support her as a woman of color led to searching for and testing out different modalities. Ultimately, these discoveries helped her build her own unique mental health and wellness journey that transformed her life. As a direct result of this experience, Wilma Mae moved back to the States in 2017 to create DRK Beauty, her well-being and mental health digital platform. Wilma Mae’s everyday radius now ripples out to “help womxn of color discover and craft their own unique well-being journey.

Wilma Mae Basta is the mother of two adult children and the daughter of a civil rights leader. In the early 90s, she built a career in film, TV, consumer, and consumer tech PR in the UK. She then launched and built the successful luxury vintage fashion brand, The Gathering Goddess. Known for its high-end collectibles, The Gathering Goddess’ collectible garments could often be seen on the red carpet.

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