The Hoffman Podcast

The Hoffman Podcast

S1e21: Raz Ingrasci - Husband, Father, Son

September 10, 2020

Raz Ingrasci, Husband, Father, Son on the Hoffman Podcast

In our finale episode of season one, Raz Ingrasci shares stories from many parts of his life. He offers some deeply moving stories about his own life as a husband, father, and son. Raz also shares an early history of, and fascinating wisdom about, the Hoffman Process. He speaks of his relationship with Bob Hoffman and the early days when the roots of the Process were first taking hold. You won’t want to miss this one!

Listen in to find out why the Process is so effective in facilitating the change and transformation in people so needed in our world today. Raz shares about the Negative Love Syndrome and how doing the work in the Process, and in our new Hoffman Essentials, heals. Our times call for us to embody love and us to share it in our ‘everyday radius‘.

Raz began his spiritual journey as a new graduate of UC Berkeley. He founded the Hoffman Institute Foundation in 1998 and has been an executive, consultant, and facilitator within the “Human Potential Movement” since 1972. Raz is also a Hoffman teacher of many years and Chairman of Hoffman International.

Season two will begin in mid-October. In the meantime, make sure to catch up on all of our season one episodes.

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