The History of the Americans

The History of the Americans

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The Spanish Explore the Coast of California
November 28, 2022

In this episode we roll back the timeline a bit to 1602, and recount the exploration and mapping of the coast of California by Sabastian Vizcaino. He would name many of the famous places along that c

Sidebar: Notes on Thanksgiving (Encore Presentation)
November 20, 2022

This is an encore presentation of one of most popular episodes, "Notes on Thanksgiving," which dropped on Thanksgiving Day, 2021. This is a great pre-listen for your Thanksgiving celebration, insofar

Sidebar: Notes From My Trip to Cuba and Other Stuff
November 14, 2022

This Sidebar episode starts with my notes from my trip to Cuba "in support of the Cuban people," one of the exceptions to the general ban on Americans traveling there. Those notes lead to a story f

The Lord of Misrule
November 02, 2022

This episode is about a happy-go-lucky Englishman named Thomas Morton, whom William Bradford dubbed the Lord of Misrule, and who would be a thorn in the side of Puritans in New England for more than

The Purchase of Manhattan and Other Dutch Treats
October 24, 2022

New Netherland gets off to a rocky start, with uncommonly poor leadership. Fortunately, a very capable leader, Peter Minuit, steps forward after a catastrophic attack on the Dutch at Fort Orange by t

Here Come The Dutch!
October 13, 2022

This is the beginning of the story of New Netherland, the Dutch colonization of today's New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and elsewhere in the mid-Atlantic. New Netherland was a long-ignored period

Sidebar: Considering Columbus Counterfactuals! (Encore presentation)
October 10, 2022

This is an encore presentation of our special Columbus Day episode, which originally dropped on October 12, 2021. It remains one of the most popular episodes of the History of the Americans. Last ye

After the Sky Fell
October 03, 2022

We are back in Virginia. Opechancanough's attack of March 22, 1622, the day the sky fell, has knocked the English back on their heels, but not out of Virginia. In this episode, the English react, bot

Squanto’s Legacy and Pilgrim Anecdotes
September 19, 2022

This episode snips off some loose ends. We examine Squanto's ambiguous and controversial legacy, and look at a few interesting Pilgrim stories through the summer of 1623 that did not fit well into th

The Pilgrims Play For Keeps
September 14, 2022

By fall 1622, the new settlers sent by Thomas Weston except those who were sick and remained in the care of the Pilgrims -- left to settle in Wessagussett, twenty-two miles to the north of Plymouth