The Genesis Project Podcast

The Genesis Project Podcast

Branding 103 with guest professor Emmanuel Clark

March 11, 2021

What drives you to buy product A over product B, when their both the same product? Price? Name-brand vs. off-label brand? Experience with the product? Product placement? The commercial of the product? I guess it could be any number of things that can make you choose one over the other, but let's really take into consideration what leads up to that decision. Ultimately, how can you and your brand be the one that the customer ultimately chooses?

Guest professor Emmanuel Clark of Black Nasdaq, a black owned marketing agency, comes in and teaches the class a lesson on branding. He gives away some secrets on how he grew Black Nasdaq to over 85k followers, how to use psychology in your marketing and branding and so many more. If you're looking to either improve your branding or get started with your branding, this is the one class you will HAVE to take notes because I got him teach on a little of everything.

Let's welcome to the class, guest professor Emmanuel Clark.