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The Fruitful Investing Podcast

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EP:44 How To Make Money Through Real Estate Investing BEYOND Rental Properties
November 06, 2020

What's up Fruitful Investors! You ever wonder what other ways there is to make money in Real Estate BEYOND Rental Properties & Duplex Conversions? In today's video im going to share with you 5 OTHER ways to make yourself wealthy through Real...

EP43: Good Risk VS Bad Risk When Investing In Real Estate
October 29, 2020

Everything you do in life has risks, good and bad! In today's video I will be focusing on the good risks VS the bad risks when investing in real estate as well as sharing how you can mitigate those risks so that you can make the most of your real...

EP42: Should You Use A Mortgage Broker or Bank When Investing in Real Estate?
January 17, 2020

So A LOT of people ask me, " Mat, should I use a mortgage broker or bank for investing in real estate?" and I thought, you know what, I should just make a blog post (and youtube video) talking about the pros and cons of using both. So thats just...

EP42: How To Find The RIGHT Realtor When Investing In Real Estate
January 09, 2020

What's Up Fruitful Investors! In todays episode I am going to be going over 4 things you should look out for when looking for a realtor to help you invest in Real Estate! Check it out!

EP41: How To Find Real Estate Investing Partners | FULL LIVE SEMINAR
December 13, 2019

Whats up Fruitful Investors! Today's episode I don't teach you how to do a duplex conversion, I don't teach you how to flip a home in 30 days, I don't even teach you anything to do with money. Today's episode is from an event I attended the other day...

EP40 : The Four B's That Made Me a Real Estate Investing Multi Millionaire
November 29, 2019

Today's episode I talk about The Four B's That Made Me a Real Estate Investing Multi Millionaire by the age of 30. The Four B's: - Build a Niche - Build a Team - Build a Brand - Build a Business In detail I talk about the four b's and why they are...

039: 6 Benefits to Investing in Real Estate and Being a Landlord
November 08, 2019

Thinking of finally taking that money out of your savings and investing it into Real Estate but you aren't quite sure whether it will benefit you or not? In todays episode Mat talks about 6 benefits to investing in real estate and being a landlord and...

038: How To Make A Fortune Doing Multi Family Duplex Conversions | FULL Seminar
October 28, 2019

I had the pleasure of giving a talk at ONREIA this month. I spoke about how I was able to make a lot of money converting regular boring single family homes into legal duplexes. I went over every step of the process, how I tackled zoning requirements,...

037: Flipping Real Estate For Beginners
October 21, 2019

A lot of people have been asking me questions about flipping homes. Well today I will be breaking down step by step on how to start flipping real estate as a beginners. Check it out!

036: Will The Real Estate Market Finally Crash In 2020?
October 14, 2019

Is it finally going to happen? Will the real estate market crash in 2020? I means we are way overdue for one since historically speaking it happens every 10 years! Truth is, we can never really predict or pinpoint when the market will actually crash!...