The Fowler Hour

The Fowler Hour

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#56 - Live Q&A Show (@cfowlerdesign)
April 23, 2020

This week I opened up the podcast doors to a live audience! Just like I used to do on IG live I took questions from a live audience and did my best to provide valuable ideas and feedback on things you were struggling with. In today's episode, we discuss h

#55 - Brandon Groce (@brand0ngr0ce)
April 16, 2020

Brandon Groce is a Designer and Hype Beast for some of the worlds best and upcoming design work. Curating a community around learning and using his platform to boost the signal of some of the most underrated people in design. Brandon is also an Adobe part

#54 - Jeremy Mura (@thejeremymura)
April 09, 2020

Jeremy Mura is a Brand Identity and Content Creator. He is also, a Top Teacher on the e-learning platform Skillshare. With a love for teaching and learning he set out to share what he knows and help up and coming designers along the way as well. Today he

#53 - My Logo Store w/Blesscreatics
April 02, 2020

Recently I've been receiving a lot of messages about the logo store I just set up. So, I hopped on a call with Bless (@blesscreatics) to cover most of the common questions that I've been getting. This is a more unusual show but I hope you find it useful!

#52 - Michael Bruny-Groth (@thelogopackage)
March 26, 2020

Michael Bruny-Groth is the founder and creator of the Adobe Illustrator plugin Logo Package Express. On today's show, we discuss the process he took to research, create and launch his product. This episode is value-packed whether you're interested in buil

#51 - Robert Nowland (@rndesign)
March 19, 2020

Robert Nowland is a logo and brand identity designer from Melbourne, Australia. Robert has been using Tiktok as a tool to build an audience and find clients. Reaching 45,000 followers on the platform in a matter of months. If you're unsure about using Tik

#50 - Dain Walker (@dainwalker)
March 12, 2020

Dain Walker is a brand designer and founder of social media marketing agency Victory Front. Dain has recently changed his life through content marketing and built a business helping others create insightful valuable content. You will probably know him for

#49 - Mike Pickett (@mikepickettdesignco)
March 05, 2020

Mike Pickett is a graphic designer and vector artist from Alberta with over 20 years of experience in the creative industry. He recently got back into design from a career switch, sharing stories of running his own design shop and how comic books inspired

#48 - Sam Gwilt (@sam_does_design)
February 27, 2020

Sam Gwilt is an Industrial Designer based in London. We catch Sam in the middle of a career change and end up discussing all the ups and downs he went through at the end of 2019. Make sure you subscribe to Sam on Youtube at Sam Does Design to learn about

#47 - Lisa Jacobs (@lisajacobsdesign)
February 20, 2020

Lisa Jacobs is a brand designer from the Netherlands and one of my good friends from the design community. If you don't know who she is by now, you're seriously missing out. This show was a real laugh and I'm so glad I can have my friends on the show more