Florida Lawyers Network - FLN - Podcast

Florida Lawyers Network - FLN - Podcast

17. 4 Part Series of the Most Frequently Asked Questions – 1 of 4 – General Introduction to FLN

June 16, 2023
Host: Mo ElDeiry

In this episode of the FLN Podcast, the host, Mo ElDeiry, introduces the series focused on providing information about the Florida Lawyers Network (FLN). He emphasizes the mission of FLN, which is to facilitate connections among experienced attorneys and professionals. Over the next few episodes, common questions about FLN, its membership, benefits, and activities will be addressed.

The episode covers three main topics: an introduction to FLN, FLN’s mission statement, and the origins of FLN. Mo ElDeiry shares his personal journey and motivation behind founding FLN in 2010, aiming to create an exclusive network of highly skilled attorneys amidst the exponential growth of the Florida Bar.


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Show Notes


  • Mo ElDeiry, host, introduces FLN and its mission.
  • Series of episodes answering common questions about FLN.

1 of 4 in the FAQs Series – General Introduction to FLN

  1. What is FLN?

    • Exclusive network of experienced attorneys across Florida.
    • Each member has at least five years of experience.
    • Aim to build long-term connections within the legal community.

  2. FLN Mission Statement:

    • Mission: Create a network dedicated to helping members succeed.
    • Emphasizes cooperation and synergy among members.
    • Aims to improve members’ professional and personal endeavors.

  3. Origins of FLN:

    • Mo ElDeiry shares the backstory of FLN’s founding in 2010, driven by the need to create an exclusive network amidst the expanding legal community in Florida.
    • Started with the vision of creating an exclusive network despite the increasing number of Florida Bar members.
    • Aims to provide a platform for attorneys to build and develop long-term connections, ensuring success in their endeavors.


  • Mo ElDeiry concludes the episode, inviting listeners to stay tuned for upcoming episodes diving deeper into FLN.
  • Teases future interviews with FLN members, promising insights into their experiences and practices within the network.