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15. The Core Values of Florida Lawyers Network
June 02, 2023

What creates a good culture within your organization, within your company? - Diving into a lot of great business books and a lot of great studies and masters, good culture starts with developing some

14. What is EOS? Why is it Important to the Legal Community?
May 26, 2023

Is your operating system the most effective? - Is it the most proven and successful roadmap for you to properly achieve your goals, objectives, and outcomes as you set them out for your particular bus

13. Networking Requires Time, Energy, Focus and Follow Up
May 19, 2023

Networking takes consistency and time and that habit to always be knocking at someone's door and letting them know that you are ready, willing, and able to provide them with lots of value and when and

12. 5 Great Ideas to Become a Better Connector
May 12, 2023

How to become a better connector? What is Networking? - Networking really is about making friends. Making connections, being out there, and basically making sure that you are getting to know more peop

11. Special Episode – Self Confidence Formula – from Chapter 3 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
May 05, 2023

"What we feed our mind will ultimately be what we're always thinking about." - This particular Special Episode is going to focus on a few quick passages from the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon

10. Creating a Networking Plan – Review, Classify and Connect
April 21, 2023

Don't worry about constantly looking to meet new people just yet. - If you truly feel that you get the best cases and the best business opportunities from your referral sources. Then you needcome up w

9. Know Your Numbers – Track your Leads
April 14, 2023

What numbers must you know in your law business? - Start simple. Do not get overwhelmed. These are the important numbers that you really need to know and track and pay attention to, even before you ta

8. How to Make the Most of Your Top 12 Referral Sources – Build, Develop, Cultivate and Nurture
March 31, 2023

How to get the most benefit from your top 12 referral sources? Why do we pick the number 12? Well, There are four quarters in the year, and there are three months in every quarter. You've got three gr

7. Vacations are Profitable – Ultimately Causes Your Creative Mind to Start Working by Finding Innovative Solutions
March 24, 2023

On this podcast episode, we will get to know how and why vacations are profitable. Yes! You heard that right! Taking vacations ultimately causes your creative mind to start working by finding innovati

6. Referrals – Build Loyalty and Credibility
March 17, 2023

Listen to this episode as we talk about the significance of Referrals and how it can build loyalty and credibility for everyone in the legal and professional community.