It's The ADHD-Friendly Show | Personal Growth, Well-being and Productivity for Distractible Minds

It's The ADHD-Friendly Show | Personal Growth, Well-being and Productivity for Distractible Minds

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Overcoming Overwhelm: Strategies for Managing Your Busy Brain
June 14, 2024

Are you struggling with ADHD overwhelm, feeling like you're constantly spinning plates without making real progress? In this video, I delve into the ADHD overwhelm that leaves many of us feeling stuck and paralyzed. We'll explore the evolutionary

My Undiagnosed ADHD Aha Moment & How It Changed EVERYTHING
June 07, 2024

Click here to Access the ADHD Aha! Podcast. Click hereto get on The Sunday Set Up Email.Thank you to the ADHD Aha! Podcast for sponsoring todays episode.Have you ever had one of those moments where everything suddenly makes sense? For me, that momen

Why ADHD Feels Like a Daily Crapshoot
May 31, 2024

Living with adult ADHD means dealing with inconsistent and unpredictable energy and performance - everyday! In this video, I'll explain how these struggles impact our self-trust and ability to follow through with commitments. Join me as I delve into t

ADHD and Boring Jobs - Should I Quit?
May 24, 2024

This week we're hearing from two different people in the community who are struggling with career shifts both because of a lack of dopamine and probably a lack of confidence, too. Listen as I coach both these ADHD adults based on their stage of life

ADHD Exhaustion - this is what's really draining your energy
May 17, 2024

ADHD exhaustion is brutal! If you constantly feel like you're dragging yourself through life, you're not alone. Many individuals with ADHD struggle with a deep, pervasive fatigue that goes beyond physical tiredness. In this video, I dive into the

My ADHD Monthly Reset: How I Organize My Time, Energy & FOCUS!
May 10, 2024

LINKS MENTIONEDNotion Software: my free goal planning template: or not, if you're struggling with too many things and feeling constantly overwhelmed, then join me in my monthly reset. Th

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Anything
May 03, 2024

TRY FLOW.CLUB FOR FREE: with self-motivation? Today we're looking at dopamine and its vital role in motivation. Understand the brain-body connection and learn how to generate dopamine to get your motivation level

Too many interests not enough follow through? Try this...
April 26, 2024

Struggling with "too many things" on your mind and not sure how to juggle all your interests? Especially for those with ADHD, managing multiple interests can be a challenge. In this video, we dive into a step-by-step guide on how to handle havin

Design Your Life to Limit Impulsivity and Distractibility
April 19, 2024

Today we tackle the ADHD symptoms of impulsivity and distractibility. These two big players can really throw us off our game, but understanding and managing them can make a world of difference. We will discuss our experiences, the importance of self-under

ADHD emotional dysregulation is a STRUGGLE!
April 12, 2024

ADHD emotional dysregulation can be a HUGE struggle for us. In this video, I deliver practical tools for managing your emotions and achieving better emotional control. We'll dive into the realities of ADHD emotional regulation, I'll share some rea