The Emily Osmond Show

The Emily Osmond Show

How to improve your value proposition with Tash Corbin

February 22, 2021

Does it feel as though you’re coming up against a brick wall - or blank faces - when trying to help your audience to understand how brilliant the things that you believe in and sell are?

You know how powerful your products, services or programs are: if ONLY your audience would see too, right?

Well, in this episode, we explore why your audience may not be understanding the value in what you have to offer, why that is, and three practical ways to help turn that around.

My guest is Tash Corbin: a business mentor who specialises in lean business and consent-based marketing. She is passionate about helping womxn to change the world through entrepreneurship, because let’s face it, when womxn build wealth, everyone wins. Her Facebook community, Heart-Centred Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs is one of the most engaged and supportive communities you’ll ever find.

Tash also hosts the Heart Centered Business Conference - which is running as a virtual event this year from March 11th to 14th - and I’m honoured to be one of the speakers. Tickets now on sale at: