The Emily Osmond Show

The Emily Osmond Show

The Four Types of Content Every Business Needs

October 21, 2019

It has really never been easier for us to share our message. In the good old days, we relied on advertising and working with publicists to actually get our messages out there and while they are still fantastic ways of reaching our ideal customers, we have the power to share our own messages directly and have conversations with our audience for free through social media. How lucky are we?!

But despite this, it's actually not any easier to stand out and have cut through in the market and in some ways, it’s harder than ever to make an impact with our audience because there is so much noise out there.

So how can we actually attract that attention from the right people, maintain that attention and turn it into results for our business?

In this episode, we're looking at the four types of content for us to share on our social media PLUS some of the common content sharing mistakes business owners make.

Let’s get into it!

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