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The Editing Podcast

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How are opportunity costs affecting your editing business?
May 14, 2024

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle chat about opportunity cost, and why editors and proofreaders need to keep an eye on this part of their business. Listen to find out more about:What opportunity cost isAn opportunity cost management frameworkKnowing your bus

What should I include in my editor services agreement?
April 30, 2024

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle chat about what editors and proofreaders might include in a services agreement.Listen to find out more aboutParties involvedScope of the jobRates and feesPayment terms and methodsTimelines and deadlinesRevision and feedback

Does my editing business need a newsletter?
April 29, 2024

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle talk about newsletters and whether your editing or proofreading business needs one. Listen to find out more about:Beating the search enginesBuilding communityShowcasing expertiseStaying top of mindBusiness promotionBeating t

10 brand design tips for editors and proofreaders
April 02, 2024

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle discuss ten brand-design tips that every editor and proofreader can consider in their business. Listen to find out more about:WebsitesFaviconsEditorial reportsStyle sheetsEmail signaturesPresentationsCommunity signaturesSoci

7 ways for editors to get paid faster
March 19, 2024

Louise Harnby and Denise Cowle talk about 7 different ways to speed up the payment process when you're invoicing for editing and proofreading work.invoicing promptlywell-structured contracts or services agreementsclear and transparent processesincentives

The pros and cons of niche editing and proofreading
March 04, 2024

Find out about the pros and cons of being a niche editor or proofreader, and whether it's right for you.Listen to find out more aboutdifferent degrees of niche-nessusing specialized knowledgegetting paid for what you enjoyeasier targeted marketingcharging

How to build relationship marketing into your editing and proofreading business
September 21, 2023

Discover 7 tips on how to grow your business by fostering long-term relationships.Listen to find out more aboutwhat relationship marketing ispersonalized communicationactive listeningquality servicetransparent pricing and policiesfollowing upcontent marke

7 reasons to advertise in editorial society directories
September 06, 2023

Discover why you should be advertising in professional editorial society directories.Listen to find out more aboutaudience targetingincreased visibilitycredibility and trustniche recognitioncompetitive advantageimproved SEOcost benefitsSign up for alerts

5 irresistible lead magnets for editors and proofreaders
August 15, 2023

Discover how lead magnets can help editors and proofreaders build trust and visibility.Listen to find out more aboutwhat a lead magnet istarget audiences and pain points5 irresistible lead magnetswhat to do with the leadswhy you shouldn't give it all away

Editing translated materials: With Andy Hodges
July 04, 2023

Find out about the artistry of editing translated materials with Denise Cowle, Louise Harnby and Andy Hodges.Listen to find out more aboutTypes of translated materialsThe difference between editing a translation and editing a text written in English by a