Turning Season: Conversations with Healers and Changemakers of The Great Turning

Turning Season: Conversations with Healers and Changemakers of The Great Turning

Dreamers' Den Series Ep 26: Owl Feathers, Stilettos and Other Footprints to Track in Our Dreams (with Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer)

April 11, 2021

Do you track the details in your dreams? Bambi Corso-Steinmeyer talks with me about why to track the recurring details in our dreams. Those themes are like footprints left behind by the qualities moving through our dreamscape - and we’re well-served by following their trails.

Bambi and I cover a lot of dreamscape ground in this episode. I realized after we spoke that I talked more than I usually do, caught up in shared enthusiasm with a kindred spirit.

Click Play to hear us explore:

  • what it means to track our dreams and get to know them, rather than try to interpret or define them
  • “sneaky snippets” of dreams (working with dream fragments, not only with big, epic dreams)
  • listening to the calls for “dream-inspired advocacy” for the earth
  • tips for keeping a dream journal
  • example dream tracks: those stiletto heels, a baby, owl feathers, and having trouble taking photos
  • and turning to dreams for affirmations to shift our thought patterns and beliefs.

Bambi is the author of the newly-published book DreamTracking: Track Your Dreams and Transform Your Life. She’s written this after more than 40 years of passionately exploring dreamwork, in which time she has journaled over 8,000 of her own dreams. Bambi works with clients as a DreamTracking coach, and a Law of Attraction certified coach. She serves on the Southern California Regional Committee of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (the IASD), and served nine years as a review editor and contributor to the Dream Network Journal.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. After you listen, we’d love to hear from you! Have you noticed any tracks in your own dreams? Any ah-ha moments? Did a dream surface in your memory while listening?

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