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Episode 318: Adam Says Goodbye
March 17, 2020

It's a bittersweet solo pod. Adam Levitan explains the future of the podcast, looks back a bit, gives some whys and says thank yous.

Episode 317: One-on-One with Peter Jennings
February 25, 2020

Adam Levitan sits down with Peter Jennings aka CSURam88 to discuss his recent PGA experience. Peter played a Pro-Am round of golf with Tiger Woods and Condoleezza Rice. They get down to the important topics like why Peter wore shorts and if he got any...

Episode 316: One-on-One with Jonathan Bales
February 10, 2020

Adam Levitan sits down with Jonathan Bales of Fantasy Labs and the Action Network. They discuss Bales' first business ideas, the outlook for sports betting, crypto and lots more. They also take Listener Questions.    TIMESTAMPS: Bales’...

Episode 315: Super Bowl and Pod Update
January 29, 2020

It's the final show of the 2019-20 NFL season. Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings discuss the Super Bowl and give an update on the pod. 

Episode 314: Last Solo Pod of Season
January 14, 2020

Sad times friends as it's the final solo pod of the 2019-20 NFL season. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in all year. Adam Levitan quickly recaps the Divisional Round and takes an 8-pack of Listener Questions.  TIMESTAMPS: Week in review (0:25)...

Episode 313: Divisional Round Breakdown
January 09, 2020

Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings discuss each of the four Divisional Round games from a DraftKings angle.    TIMESTAMPS: Vikings at 49ers (3:57) | Titans at Ravens (11:43) | Texans at Chiefs (19:14) | Seahawks at...

Episode 312: Solo Pod Wild Card recap
January 07, 2020

Adam Levitan discusses lessons to be learned from the Saints' meltdown and take listener questions.    TIMESTAMPS: Week in review (0:24) | Listener League recap (5:08) | Listener Questions (10:20)

Episode 311: Wild Card Breakdown
January 02, 2020

Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings discuss all four Wild Card Weekend games from a DraftKings perspective.    TIMESTAMPS: Bills at Texans (4:23) | Titans at Patriots (11:17) | Vikings at Saints (20:41) | Seahawks at Eagles (28:08)

Episode 310: Week 17 Game-by-Game Breakdown
December 26, 2019

Week 17 means motivation, records and a ton of news. Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings dive into each game.   TIMESTAMPS: Browns at Bengals (3:50) | Dolphins at Patriots (7:42) | Bears at Vikings (13:20) | Chargers at Chiefs (15:43)...

Episode 309: Solo Pod Week 16 Recap
December 24, 2019

Adam Levitan does a shortened version of the solo pod for the holiday season. Week 16 thoughts plus your listener questions. Happy holidays!   TIMESTAMPS: Week in review (0:25) | 4-Man League recap (2:42) | Listener League recap (4:08) | Listener...