The Constant: A History of Getting Things Wrong

The Constant: A History of Getting Things Wrong

The Foolkiller Pt 5: The White Whale

March 10, 2020

Here we are. We've examined arctic explorers, secret armies, zany daredevils, Wisconsin whiz kids and so many more only to come up empty. This is the end of the rope. Can we solve the mystery of The Foolkiller, the submarine discovered in the Chicago River in 1915, or is this one just meant to be a mystery forever. Stick around and find out.

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Music by:
Blue Dot Sessions
Lee Rosevere
Kevin MacLeod

Voice talent from:
Chad The Bird of Chad The Podcast
Sebastian Major of Our Fake History
Bilal Dardai of Unwell: A Midwest Gothic Mystery
Jake Barton of Historium
Chelsey Weber-Smith of American Hysteria
Zachary Davis of Ministry of Ideas
Tamar Avishai of The Lonely Palette
Wade Roush of Soonish
Charles Gustine of Iconography
Kavita Pillay of Subtitle
Phil Ridarelli of The Neo-Futurists
And Heather Chrisler of Virtually Everything Oh God She's Cool