The Common Stitch

The Common Stitch

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33: Soul-o Cast - What I learned during a 21 month break
February 03, 2022

When I took a break from podcasting during the initial lockdown in early 2020, I didn't realize or plan for it to turn into a 21 month break. While it lasted significantly longer than planned, I learn

32: MASON STREHL - On outdoor photography, and the ripple effect that comes from starting something just to get better
April 14, 2020

Mason Strehl is an outstanding outdoor photographer, taught himself graphic design, self published his online field journal, and a few other surprise hats (like managing a hip hop group?!) Why? Because why not. When you do something because you love...

31: Soul-ocast - On embracing the "suck" of slowing down
March 29, 2020

We're in a global slowdown and trust me, I know how confronting this is. We collectively aren't good at the slow down, especially those of us who define ourselves by how we play outside. ESPECIALLY if that includes adrenalin based sports! Embrace...

30: ISSY VON ZASTROW: On kiteboarding, success on your terms, manifestation, and finding gratitude
February 19, 2020

Issy, a professional kiteboarder based in Hood River, had a different upbringing than most, growing up on a coffee farm in in Kenya. She discovered the sport before college, attended one semester and decided to peruse kiting despite being new to the...

29: CAROLINE GLEICH - On summiting Everest without an ACL, following through in less than ideal situations, and teamwork within relationships
January 29, 2020

Caroline Gleich is a professional skier, ski mountaineer, (who grew up in the midwest by the way), climate activist, advocate for women rising in the outdoors, boardrooms and life overall, and so much more. She's unstoppable. In this episode we...

28: ILANNA EMILY BARKUSKY - On photography, persistence, and BEING your business
January 11, 2020

Ilanna started her photography journey at Momentum's "Exposure" summer photo camp, and now her photos are consistently found in publications like Forecast Magazine, showcase event's like the Deep Winter challenge in Whistler, countless marketing...

27: CURTIS LOWE - From swampy Florida to Bali, how outdoor shops are important outdoor community hubs, and being a "part time fanatic"
December 16, 2019

Over the years Curtis found his way from Florida to Indonesia. A traveler, surfer, scuba diver, biologist, environmentalist and now in charge of marketing and events at Drifter Surf and Cafe in Uluwatu, Bali - Curtis has a unique perspective of what...

26: NYOMAN ROMAN - Scuba diving in Tulamben Bali, karma, and paying it forward
December 05, 2019

This fall I spent a month in Bali and at the tail end of the trip, I was lucky to link up with Nyoman for a few dives! Nyoman started his own scuba diving business which is nothing short of a miracle due to his family being of the lowest caste system...

25: Anniversary Episode! 11/11 and what I've been up to the last two months
November 11, 2019

Holy smokes a year?! Thank you to everyone for following along, to every guest thus far, and to Stanley for your support!  In this episode, I tell some wacky stories of the last month, what I've been up to in the radio silence (I promise it's...

24: ANNA TEDESCO - Van-lifer, skier, renaissance woman on embracing a trial and error mindset and believing in your worth
September 12, 2019

Anna Tedesco is all of that and a cup o' tea. Skier, paraglider, dancer, mountain biker, kiteboarder, effortless cook, van-lifer, fun haver, fun giver, dancer, groover, the list is endless. She tells all about moving west, building her van, sleeping...