The Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Sports Podcast

The Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Sports Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 13
January 24, 2016

"Dan Marino" episode. In this episode we are doing some quick-hit NBA news and talking a lot of NFL as we get ready for the conference championship games. 

Episode 12
January 08, 2016

"Tom Brady/Terry Bradshaw" episode. NFL playoffs start this weekend and we are giving our overview of all the matchups. 

Episode 11
December 11, 2015

"Yao Ming" episode. We're talking a little NFL, a very bold prediction in the NBA, and review some of the big moves from the MLB Winter Meetings. 

Episode 10
November 25, 2015

"Kordell Stewart" episode. Our good friend Andy joins us for a special tenth episode. We each construct a basketball team using fictional players from movies and TV. 

Episode 9
November 17, 2015

"Drew Brees" episode. We talk about a Red Sox great announcing his retirement, A lot of NFL news, and some NBA early season surprises.

Episode 8
November 11, 2015

"Cal Ripken Jr." episode. A lot of things going on this week. We talk about the College Football playoff rankings, NFL injuries, and some NBA stats.  

Episode 7
November 02, 2015

"Jared Sullinger" episode. The NBA is finally back! We give our preview of the NBA season and tell you how we think the conferences and awards will shake out.

Episode 6
October 22, 2015

"Return of The Jedi" episode. We're talking the championship series in the MLB postseason, week 7 in the NFL, we do some complaining about our NHL teams, and as always, our Draftings picks of the week. 

Episode 5
October 15, 2015

What did we talk about in this episode? We talked MLB playoffs, a few NFL week 6 storylines, and a lot of Back to The Future. 

Episode 4
October 09, 2015

A little bit of everything. In this episode we recap the NL and AL Wildcard games, talk about the first quarter of the NFL season, and do a little Celtics talk.