The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast

The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast

Addressing Suicidality in Autistic Children and Teens

September 25, 2023

Autistic kids and teens can become despondent or suicidal. When this happens, we need to take it as seriously as with anyone else. In today's podcast, Mara and I will explore the distinction between self-injurious behavior and suicidality in autistic children, communication patterns related to

suicide, the screening process for identifying suicidality, and the different levels of care required to effectively address this issue.

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Published On: 09/25/2023

Duration: 21 minutes, 07 seconds

Joshua Feder, MD, and Mara Goverman, LCSW, have disclosed no relevant financial or other interests in any commercial companies pertaining to this educational activity.