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RE: Talking About Causes You Care About As A Business Owner, With Peta O'Brien Day
May 23, 2024

Talking about causes you care about online can seem fraught with difficulty, but still super important - so how can you broach the subject? We talked to copywriter and strategist Peta O'Brien-Day on h

RE: Your Content Repurposing Strategy with Felly Day
May 15, 2024

If you feel like you can never get off the endless treadmill of creating content, then you need Felly Day. Her Content Repurposing Strategy is all about making the most out of what you create, getting

RE: Going fully self-employed with Imogen Partridge
May 09, 2024

After building up her watercolour illustration business as a side hustle, Imogen Partridge went fully self-employed in January this year. We catch up with her about transitioning from a full-time posi

RE: How to Give Good Client Gifts
May 01, 2024

From putting lil summin-summins in with an order to bigger gifts to welcome clients onto courses or programs, client gifts are a fun way to add some more delight for your customers. But how much shoul

RE: 10 Minute Marketing with Hannah Isted of HI Communications
April 24, 2024

If making your marketing shorter and more manageable sounds like your bag, you need to know about Hannah Isted. As the founder of Hi Communications and author of The Best 90 Days Ever, she's also the

RE: Our Q1 Reflections & Projections
April 17, 2024

Its April, so you know what means: reflecting on our Q1 experiences as small business owners, and sharing our plans and goals for Q2. We discuss our challenges, including calendar management and fall

RE: Rachel's Latest Launch Debrief, incl. all the stats and juicy details
April 10, 2024

Want a real behind-the-scenes look at a successful recent launch in the small business world? Luckily for you, our Rachel is armed and ready with all the stats, highs, lows and lessons that she learnt

RE Networking - is it all as bad as it seems?
February 28, 2024

Networking gets a bad rap - but not all networking is pale, male, stale, and soul-sucking. Here's a fresh perspective on how to approach it, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections, indirect

RE: Sales - How to make them ease-filled and enjoyable, with Sara Dalrymple
February 21, 2024

Best-selling author on the podcast today pals, no biggy: Sara Nasser Dalrymple, author of More Sales Please, sales expert, strategist, and all round good egg! Sara's mission is to help small business

RE: Tech Stacks
February 14, 2024

A tech stack is just the platforms and technology you use in your business - and there's real benefits to listing them out every now and again. We list out ours, as well as the ones we want to add too