The Business of Self-Publishing

The Business of Self-Publishing

5 Selfishly Great and Satisfying Reasons to Write a Non-fiction Book

July 13, 2020

Updated January 18, 2023


Sharing your skills, knowledge, and experiences will improve your life in surprising ways

If you like to help people improve their lives, careers, businesses, and relationships – by teaching, inspiring, and sharing your knowledge and experiences – then you should write non-fiction. Here is a short list of my favorite reasons why you should write and sell non-fiction books.

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What You Will Learn

1. You will learn why writing non-fiction is a great way to help satisfy your own needs and wants.

2. You will learn five great reasons why you should write non-fiction.

3. You will learn about stumbling blocks no longer in your way.


If you like entertaining people, you will probably enjoy writing fiction. But, if you want to help people improve their lives, careers, businesses, and relationships – by teaching, inspiring, and sharing your knowledge and experiences – then you should write non-fiction.

From my perspective, we all have an obligation to do this, especially if we like to communicate by writing. And, in the high-tech world we live in today, there are no longer any obstacles preventing us from doing this through self-publishing

Here is the short list of my favorite reasons why you should be writing and selling non-fiction books:

Reason # 1. A Non-fiction Book Can Boost Your Career and Business

Even with the massive proliferation of self-publishing, having your name on a published book will still impress most people. One of the main reasons to write a non-fiction book is to boost your credibility in the eyes of your current clients, prospective clients, co-workers, and peers.

Handing a prospective client your signed book is infinitely more impressive than giving them a business card and a brochure. Credibility is one of the main ingredients to building a great career and business. A well-written non-fiction book will help you achieve that.

Reason # 2. More People Buy Non-fiction Books

There will always be a demand for non-fiction books. Non-fiction sales numbers have been rising for many years and outpacing fiction. Just walk into any big bookstore, look around, and immediately see that non-fiction takes up almost the entire store. In addition, many book buyers don’t mind paying a higher price for non-fiction books.

Reason # 3. Non-fiction Books Help Make the World a Better and More Productive Place

You spend your life learning about specific topics. Topics that you have become an expert in. And you get paid for applying that knowledge to help others improve their lives. A non-fiction book will enable you to help thousands more than you could realistically help from your office.

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Reason # 4. Non-fiction Books Are Easier to Market and Sell

This reason is half the battle to building a successful marketing plan. And, it’s essential if you have any hope for sales success. With non-fiction, finding and understanding your target audience is much easier. And, as a bonus, non-fiction books generally have a very long shelf life. If appropriately written, your book will make you money for a long time.

Reason # 5. Non-fiction Books Aren’t Overly Difficult to Write

Although nothing is easy to write, especially for publication, you are probably writing about topics you already have knowledge, understanding, and expertise in. Or, at the very least, a topic you have a great enthusiasm for and interest in.

And, if you look at writing your non-fiction book not as one gigantic project but as many little goals that you can achieve one at a time, you’re more likely to finish writing it. So, with some planning, research, an outline, and some perseverance, the process will be a great learning experience for you and an enjoyable one.



You must share your knowledge, understanding, and expertise to be viewed as a leader in your field. Don’t be afraid to share your unique skills, knowledge, and experiences. You need to believe and understand that the world needs your help and that people worldwide will benefit from what you can and should share with them.

Success isn’t only about what you accomplish in your own life. It’s also about what you inspire others to do with their lives. Writing and publishing non-fiction will help you achieve that.

Questions to Think About

1. Have you considered sharing your skills, knowledge, and experiences by writing a non-fiction book?

2. What is holding you back from doing it?