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The Oh My Goddess Podcast

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Manifesting Clients with Your Menstrual Cycle
March 23, 2021

Just one of the amazing things about your menstrual cycle is that it is a portal for manifestation – including manifesting dream clients in your business! In this solo episode I dive into why men and women are designed to work differently, the four

Why I’m Closing My Facebook Group of 10,000 people
March 03, 2021

Some people think I’m crazy for closing my Facebook Group of nearly 10,000 people – but I’m doing it anyway! In this episode I discuss why I’m closing the group, why you don’t need to do #allthethings, why alignment is everything, and how to be ok

The secret to a powerful visualisation practice
February 23, 2021

Visualising your dreams and desires as if they have already manifested is not just a “woo woo” practice – it has very real and positive impacts on our brain and nervous system that help us to call in our desires fast. First, visualising your desire

Dancing with disappointment[lessons from a launch that flopped]
February 16, 2021

What’s worse than no one signing up for your group program or course? A handful of people, but not enough to actually run the program… (because then you actually have to tell them!) Well, my loves, in my 4 years of running group programs I haven’t had to

Creating True Wellness in Mind, Body and Soul with Bec Russell
February 09, 2021

This week on The Oh My Goddess Podcast I’m chatting with Bec Russell. Bec is a holistic wellness coach, yoga and meditation teacher, soulful creative and host of the Way To Wellness Podcast. Bec’s mission is to work with women who are willing and r

How to Embody Your Inner High Priestess in Intimate Partnerships with Lee Noto
January 24, 2021

Lee Noto shares how to embody your Inner High Priestess, so that you can create deep, intimate partnerships. Her mission is to help women feel empowered and free in their expression, and in this episode she shares her best practices and tools to communic

3 Abundant Money Mindsets for New Coaches and Healers
December 27, 2020

Launching your coaching or healing business in 2021? In this episode, you’ll discover 3 money mindsets that are essential for new and aspiring coaches and healers. Embodying these abundant money beliefs will help you to call in success, clients, and mone

3 Things You’ll Do Differently When You Run Your Business From Your Feminine
December 10, 2020

After helping over 1000 women start and grow their businesses by harmonising their inner feminine and masculine energy, I’ve noticed some common changes that happen when they make the shift into running their business from their feminine. In this podcast

How to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Business with Bayan Qutub
December 03, 2020

Diversity and Inclusion specialist Bayan Qutub shares her insights and tips into creating an inclusive business where all feel they belong and are understood. This episode is particularly geared to anyone who is a coach, female entrepreneur, healer or en

4 tips to call in clients with your magnetic feminine energy
November 25, 2020

Discover Hayley’s top tips for activating your feminine energy to call in clients with ease. Selling will feel fun and simple once you’re implementing these for tips! If you’re a new or aspiring coach, healer or spiritual entrepreneur, then this is a mus