The Blockchain and Us: Conversations about the brave new world of blockchains, cryptoassets, and the

The Blockchain and Us: Conversations about the brave new world of blockchains, cryptoassets, and the

Latest Episodes

How Cosmos Enables the Internet of Blockchains - Brian Fabian Crain, Co-Founder & CEO Chorus One, Co-Host at Epicenter
March 27, 2019

Brian Fabian Crain speaks about building Chorus One and the podcast Epicenter, one of the first podcasts in the crypto and blockchain space, the hallmarks of a good podcast about technology, his beginnings in the blockchain space at Monax, Tendermint, and

"Blockchain is Successful When People Don't Know They're Using It" - Johannes Schweifer, Co-Founder & CEO, CoreLedger
March 20, 2019

Johannes Schweifer speaks about his company CoreLedger, the mechanics of tokenizing physical assets and overcoming the gap between physical assets and the digital world, current use cases of tokenized assets, legal and regulatory aspects, why you can't co

How a Blockchain Venture Studio Works - Mervyn G. Maistry, CEO & Founder, Konfidio and Kintaro Capital
March 13, 2019

Mervyn Maistry speaks about founding and running Konfidio, a venture studio in Berlin, blockchain uses cases that are ready today, why blockchain technology is a seminal technology, the meaning and merit of decentralization, misconceptions about blockchai

Why New Technologies Need Sharper Critical Thinking - Andrea Bauer, Founder & Senior Advisor, BEAM Innovation Studio
March 05, 2019

Andrea Bauer speaks about spotting waves of change as an innovation consultant, research through discussion, applying critical thinking to new technologies, how technologies introduce conflicts, possible side effects of blockchains, the evolution of trust

Why You Need Digital Identity Before Anything Else - Daniel Gasteiger, Founder & CEO, Procivis
February 26, 2019

Daniel Gasteiger speaks about his company Procivis, providing government services on blockchains, why it's too early to put personal information on blockchains, his blockchain co-working space Trust Square in the financial center in Zurich, his transition

Why the Blockchain Space Needs Better Access - Alexis Gauba, she(256), Mechanism Labs
February 19, 2019

Alexis Gauba speaks about co-founding she(256), mentoring and teaching blockchain literacy, starting points for people with an interest in blockchain technology, how students can make the best of the available programs in blockchain education, teaching co

Why Good Content is King in Blockchain PR - David Wachsman, Founder and CEO, Wachsman
February 12, 2019

David Wachsman speaks about founding and running Wachsman, the role of public relations and the media in the blockchain space, misconceptions clients have about PR and communications, ways to tell stories about blockchain projects to get attention, the po

How Skin in the Game Leads to Truth - Preethi Kasireddy, TruStory
February 05, 2019

Preethi Kasireddy speaks about the information problem on the Internet and how her company TruStory combats it, how messed up incentives lead to false information that hijacks our minds, why active participation in the information we consume leads to bett

"Crypto Means Cryptography" - Jan Camenisch, Head of Research at Dfinity
January 29, 2019

Jan Camenisch speaks about being the Head of Research at Dfinity, how industrial research at a blockchain company differs from academic research, what it takes to build Dfinity into "The Internet Computer", important research questions in the blockchain .

"This Is What the Blockchain Is and How It Can Change Your Life" - Niloo Ravaei, Blockgeeks
January 22, 2019

Niloo Ravaei speaks about learning and teaching skills of developing blockchain applications, stories that draw people into the blockchain space, why blockchain technology empowers people, examples where token economics creates incentives, combating tech.