The Bank On You Podcast

The Bank On You Podcast

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Investing in Gold & Silver - 'Wealth Insurance' | Episode 8
February 14, 2019

Buying Gold and Silver doesn't have to be intimidating! In this episode, Jeremiah Brown lays out the formula of Gold and Silver buying. You'll receive a full walk-through on HOW to buy each commodity, as well as what forms to buy. The goal is to...

Apocalyptic Investing - How to Protect Your Money in a Market Crash, Recession, or Depression | Episode 7
December 20, 2018

This episode talks about being your own personal version of the federal reserve, in order to beat the fed at their own game. Currently, we are witnessing a huge amount of volatility in the markets. From rising interest rates and negative corporate...

Launching a Business? - Bank Accounts, Shark Tank, and Leverage | Episode 6
December 04, 2018

Does it make sense to incorporate your business before significant revenue? Does it even make sense to seek out capital for your small business or start-up?  In this episode, we share pragmatic steps for getting any business incorporated from...

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Revolution - Should 'We' Bank On It?? | Episode 5
November 29, 2018

The Cryptocurrency explosion has created an opportunity for an entirely new monetary system, moving us into a world with a sufficient form of paperless, unregulated money. However, a vast majority of us are treating this revolutionary technology like...

How to Leverage Real Estate to Increase your Income - Cash On Cash, IRR, & ROI | Episode 4
November 20, 2018

This episode reveals how to increase your income through creative real estate investing, with the goal of having the option to realistically retire within the next ten years or LESS. Because I believe in enjoying all that life can offer while we're...

WHAT IS MONEY?? - The System That Runs On Hope | Episode 3
November 13, 2018

This episode explores how the 1% plays the ‘game of money‘ as a way of keeping score, while the the bottom 99% plays it for survival. The money we know today has purely been a medium of exchange this whole time. But in reality, the only value it...

Wealth Traps Your Financial Planner Won't Tell You & How to Avoid Them | Episode 2
November 12, 2018

This latest episode explores the many wealth traps damaging the middle class, and 80% of the population carrying some form of personal debt. It is quite obvious that we all have been plagued by financial illiteracy, consumerism, and wealth traps....