The iPhoneography Podcast - an iPhone Photography Show

The iPhoneography Podcast - an iPhone Photography Show

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Night Shots And Live Photos - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 75
October 11, 2022

Ive got a couple of announcements, then I take you through what it took to get a shot of a hydro pole at night. Dave talks about Live Photos and why you might want to shoot them, and we go through Our Recent Photos, which you can now see on the website.

We're Mad, Dammit! - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 74
September 27, 2022

Were NOT happy about a few things. Dave rants about Polarr and Apple, and I rant about some YouTubers and pro photographers. Find out why. Plus, I explain how the iPhone 14 Pros 48MP camera works and we dial it back down for a look at Our Recent Photos.

Dave Nails It - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 73
September 13, 2022

Is the Instagram exodus continuing? We talk about it. Plus, iOS 16 dropped today and Dave and I talk about a few things photo related. The iPhone 14 was officially announced just a few days ago and I talk about my pre-order experience. We’ll look at some

iPhone 14 - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 72
September 07, 2022

The iPhone 14 was just announced and I go through some of the specs and info on them on this special episode of The iPhoneography Podcast.Get your first year of Glass for $20: iPhone 14Dave on InstagramDave on Twitter

Dave's iPhone 14 Predictions - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 71
August 30, 2022

Dave takes a turn doing a solo show this week because I wasnt able to record. In this episode, Dave tells all about his predictions for the new iPhone 14s. Will he be right? Well see next week when our next show will come out the day of the announcement

Salvatore De Angelis - The David Addison Show 010
August 27, 2022

As 1/3 of the Reeflex team, Salvatore De Angelis is responsible for all the code for the Reeflex Pro Camera app and ReeXpose app. Today Salvo shares why he, as an Italian, prefers an English keyboard, we go into camera app development, the challenges inde

A Glass Full Of Photography - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 70
August 16, 2022

Im discovering more people who are finding out how Instagram Sucks and Anna Shtraus is proof of that. Dave has a cool app to talk about. It does something that iOS 16 can do but it might just do it better. We bore you with Our Recent Photos, and we find

Daniel Agee From Glass - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 69
August 10, 2022

On this special episode of the podcast I talk with the Head of Marketing and Community at Glass. Daniel Agee joins me to talk all things Glass like how it started and how its going. Plus theres a link in the show notes to get your first year of Glass fo

Instagram Sucks - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 68
August 02, 2022

Lets address the elephant in the room here. Instagram is not what it used to be and photographers are not happy. Dave and I air our beefs with the social platform, but not before we each touch on what has affected us in our lives. We also add a cool twis

iOS 16 Preview - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 67
July 21, 2022

On this episode, Dave couldn’t make it to record because of some unforeseen circumstances so I go it alone, and hope I don’t sound like a blabbering fool. I give a preview of some of my early experiences with the iOS 16 Public Beta including what I think