The iPhoneography Podcast - an iPhone Photography Show

The iPhoneography Podcast - an iPhone Photography Show

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Taking Photos of BIG Things - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 118
May 08, 2024

Dave did a lot of running, I have an actual copy of my book in hand, and as you know, I like to take photos of small things to make them look big with macro photography, but what about taking photos of big things? Dave and I talk about it with loads of sa

Camera Limitations With Shayne Mostyn - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 117
April 24, 2024

The iPhones camera has its limitations and Shayne Mostyn joins Dave and I to talk about some of them. Is ChatGPT really that smart? And Shayne tosses a couple of his images into the mix of recent photos. All this and more on Episode 117.Shayne Mostyn

Stick A Fork In It - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 116
April 10, 2024

It was eclipse day 2024 when we recorded this episode and were calling it Stick A Fork In It because the eclipse is done. And thats not all thats done. I finally finished the book Ive been working on for four years and its currently available on Appl

Marc's Nemesis - An iPhoneography Podcast Special Feature
April 09, 2024

On Episode 115 of the show we had Marc Sadowski on to talk about the demise of Tiny Shutter and what he has planned for the future, but this segment was just too good to leave buried in the full show. Marc has a love/hate relationship with Siri, and this

Marc Sadowski and The Demise Of Tiny Shutter - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 115
March 27, 2024

Tiny Shutters co-founder and our former boss, Marc Sadowski, joins us for an enlightening chat about his latest venture, his love for Siri, and some news about Tiny Shutter. He also includes a couple of images in Our Recent Photos.Marcs WebsiteMarcs

Scott Baker and Linegate - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 114
March 13, 2024

Scott Baker from Eastern Canada joins Dave and I to talk about a serious flaw in the iPhone 15 Pro Max 5x camera that was discovered by Dale Lotherington. The chatroom has a couple of unique ideas about it so we’ll see what they say, but I know a guy! We’

Brian Matiash - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 113
February 28, 2024

We are joined by photographer and Lightroom instructor Brian Matiash for a discussion about how he started using his iPhone for taking photos and to get some insight on how Lightroom can become part of your mobile workflow. Rather than look at Our Recent

Low Key Imagery - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 112
February 14, 2024

This is our first official live broadcast to YouTube! If you are listening to the audio version of the show, you can hit the link in the description to watch the video. In this episode Dave and I talk about low key or dark subject matter and some of the c

Live Stream Test - The iPhoneography Podcast
February 10, 2024

This is a supplementary episode where Dave and I did a livestream test for the YouTube channel. It went very well and we will broadcast the next episode live on YouTube Monday, February 12, 2024 at 9pm EST. In the test, Dave talks about Ruth’s new iPhone

Street Portraiture With Jack Hollingsworth - The iPhoneography Podcast Ep 111
January 31, 2024

We have a special guest this week. My good friend Jack Hollingsworth joins Dave and I to talk about Street Portraiture and Jacks Workshop coming up February 17-24 in Cuba. If a Street Portraiture workshop in Cuba sounds interesting to you, you might want