The Alisa Childers Podcast

The Alisa Childers Podcast

#198 12 Points that Demonstrate Christianity is True, with David Geisler

May 07, 2023

David Geisler joins the podcast to help equip us to make the 12 point case for Christianity. We also discuss the difference between faith and reason, and how they interact. Can you demonstrate the truth of these 12 points?

1. Truth about reality is knowable.

2. Opposites cannot both be true.

3. It is true that a theistic God exists.

4. Since God exists, miracles are possible.

5. Miracles can be used to confirm a message from God.

6. The New Testament is historically reliable.

7. In the New Testament Jesus claimed to be God.

8. Jesus proved to be God.

9. Therefore Jesus is God.

10. Since Jesus is God, whatever He teaches is true.

11. Jesus taught that the Bible is the Word of God.

12. Therefore, the Bible is the Word of God and anything opposed it is false.

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