The Alisa Childers Podcast

The Alisa Childers Podcast

#63 To the Brink of Atheism: A Reconstruction Story, with Travis Lowe

February 27, 2020

​There is no shortage of deconstruction stories on the internet. Podcasts, videos, and blog posts deliver stories of lifelong Christians who begin to question and doubt everything they were taught about the faith they grew up with. From the Gungors to Joshua Harris to the most recent, and possibly most impactful deconversion stories, Rhett and Link of the Good Mythical Morning Podcast—these stories continue to impact Christianity, shaking the faith of many. Today, I talk with Travis Lowe, a pastor from Florida who went through the long and painful process of deconstruction. However, his story has ended a bit differently from ones we often hear. Listen to Travis' journey of hope as we walk with him from childhood through deconstruction, and into the reconstruction of a vibrant faith.


Travis' podcast: The Stone Table Podcast:…le/id1478795937

Books that helped Travis' reconstruction:

The Resurrection of the Son of God, by N.T. Wright

The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus, by Fleming Rutledge