Advisor Mentorship Podcast

Advisor Mentorship Podcast

2023 Business Planning: Advisors, Here’s The Advice You Need (Ep. 29)

December 07, 2022

As Thanksgiving slipped through our fingers, December brings in new opportunities to be thankful and discover new relationships with prospects while rekindling old ones. 

In this episode, Jeremy Houser unveils some December themes as well as business planning considerations for advisors. With 2023 being a year of big changes, listen in and discover how the advisors at InsurMark are focusing on refining their processes and making those important improvements to step into the new year on the right foot. 

Jeremy discusses: 

  • Valuable processes to take forward into 2023
  • The importance of a pen and paper 
  • Some 2022 wins for InsurMark’s advisors 
  • Why December is a great time to reel in new prospects
  • Trust and credibility: What you should know about storytelling
  • And more!


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