Advisor Mentorship Podcast

Advisor Mentorship Podcast

Building an Effective Succession Plan with Colleen Bowler (Ep. 61)

April 16, 2024

Building a business is tough, but leaving it can be even tougher. 

In this installment of the Advisor Mentorship Podcast, Jeremy Houser sits down with the distinguished Colleen Bowler, CFP®, who has not only successfully navigated the complexities of building a robust planning firm, Strategic Wealth Planners, but has also championed a seamless succession transition. Throughout her illustrious career, Colleen has accumulated a wealth of accolades as a strategic coach. Listen as she shares insights into achieving a harmonious work-life balance, empowering others to reach their full potential, and how to strengthen client relations.

Colleen and Jeremy discuss: 

  • The significance of transitioning from an ‘I’ to ‘We’ mindset when building an advisory firm
  • Practical strategies for effective succession planning and continuity
  • The role of mindset and habits in personal and professional growth for advisors
  • Insights into leveraging different assessments to deepen client relationships and uncover needs beyond the financial
  • Colleen’s life post-succession
  • And more!



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About Our Guest:

Colleen Bowler, CFP®, spent over 25 years building and growing her planning firm, Strategic Wealth Partners. Along the way, she received numerous industry awards and presented at many industry meetings, but her greatest success, she feels, was the impact she and her team created in the lives of hundreds of individuals and families “under their care”. Planning in advance, Colleen implemented a 3-year succession plan that worked! 

In 2020, Colleen founded C&J Innovations with Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD, who brings expertise in assessments and surveys. Colleen and Jeanne combined their unique expertise to create a female-led company with patent pending assessments that help financial professionals increase value for prospects, clients, and advisors by expanding conversations beyond the financial realm to encompass all areas of life – similar to what Colleen and her team did in her planning firm.  

In addition, Colleen has served as a coach with the Strategic Coach Program since 2003, all while raising a son as a single mom and co-authoring a book, Generous Kids.  Now, along with C&J and coaching, she continues enjoying time with her blended and extended family, friends, and a variety of nonprofits.