Advisor Mentorship Podcast

Advisor Mentorship Podcast

Ways to Influence in 2024 (Ep. 55)

January 23, 2024

Looking to stay ahead and on top of 2024’s financial advising game?

Dive into the future of financial advising with the latest episode of InsurMark’s “Advisor Mentorship Podcast,” featuring Vice President Jeremy Houser. Kicking off with a celebration of their record-breaking achievements in December, Jeremy sets the stage for an engaging exploration of the strategies vital for financial advisors in 2024.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Customer Preferences Shift: Understanding the trend towards secure financial products like annuities and life insurance
  • Execution in 2024: The vital role of implementing well-crafted plans in a favorable business climate
  • Authenticity in Advising: Insights on the power of authenticity in influencing client relationships
  • Practicing What They Preach: The importance of using the products they recommend for trust and credibility
  • 2023 Lessons for 2024 Strategies: Engaging clients through genuine communication and adapting to market changes
  • And much more!



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