the 7-Figure Salon Podcast

the 7-Figure Salon Podcast

Where We All Leave Money On The Table | 7FS | Ep 45

August 03, 2021

**Originally posted Feb 18, 2020**

The 7-Figure Salon Podcast Episode #45

Welcome back Salon Squad! This week we're reposting one of our fav episodes...This episode is packed full of value so get ready to take some notes.

We all know it costs more money to find a new client than to service a current client or warm lead.

Questions to ask yourself: Do you call clients after a purchase or service?

Do you have an email follow up campaign?

Do you know how your clients wish to be contacted? Via phone, email or text?

How do you thank clients for coming in or a consultation?

We spend so much money advertising to get clients in our stores or on the phone, don't leave money on the table here!

Email us and let us know what systems you have in place or will put in place to keep your clients engaged.

As always, if you need help our coaches are here for you. Feel free to reach visit or email us at


To Your Success,

Helena Gibson