the 7-Figure Salon Podcast

the 7-Figure Salon Podcast

How to Build Your Salon's Reputation| 7FS | EP 27

March 23, 2021

The 7-Figure Salon Podcast Episode #27

Let's talk salon reputation. A Salon's Reputation can make or break the business.

Building a great reputation is essential to keep you clients coming back and your stylists motivated and happy.

In today's episode, Kayla and I delve into my five reputation boosting strategies:

  1. Update your Facebook Profile: Don’t make clients hunt for your contact information or website
  2. Don't tell me. Show me: Make sure your social media pictures are neat and
  3. Highlight and showcase salon awards, achievements, and staff credentials
  4. Make your online appearance align with your salon’s appearance: consistency is key
  5. Represent the brand as the salon owner: you are the face of the salon! Your salon’s reputation starts with YOU.


If you’d like to go deeper on building a strong reputation for your salon, you can visit our website and book a free 30 minute discovery call and we’ll see if we can help you with the goals for your business.

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To your success,

Helena Gibson