The 6570 Family Project

The 6570 Family Project

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How To Get The MOST Out Of Summer With Your Kids & Without The Pressure!
June 29, 2022

There is so much pressure around summertime! Make the most, cherish every moment, have no responsibility (while it piles up around you), and take it all in because it is fleeting. Yes! Yes, it is. But, we can’t stop life, pause all responsibilities and j

The Evolution of Being A Teen Girl with Guest Sheri Gazzit
June 22, 2022

How are teen girls today different than when you were a teen? How is parenting teens different today than when your parents had to parent you? What are our girls facing today and how are their brains handling the 24/7 social life of today? What can you

The Lessons I Learned Homeschooling For 7 Years & What I Would Have Done Differently
June 15, 2022

Have you ever thought about homeschooling? Maybe you are homeschooling now or did in the past. I just closed the doors on our school after 7 years and I want to share with you everything I learned in that experience, how it grew me, grew our relations

Setting Up For The Path In and After High School with Guest Stephanie Haynes
June 08, 2022

Has what happens after high school always seemed cut and dry to you? There is a decades-long idea that after high school comes college and that is the way of life, but what it is wasn’t for some? What if it is for others? Stephanie and Nellie have a fan

The 4 Conversations That Need to Happen In Your Living Room To Move Forward After Another School Shooting
June 01, 2022

What can we do? It seems so complicated and tangled and the finger-pointing is going around and around, so the problem is revolving instead of resolving. There are 4 conversations that need to be had and the best place to start is in your living room.

The Importance of Play (Even When Your Child is Older) and How it Echoes into Adulthood with Guest Roya Dedeaux
May 25, 2022

This episode is so fun, as you would expect an interview with an expert on play to be. Roya and Nellie go deeper than the smiles and giggles when it comes to play and examine the bigger effects at play (pun totally intended!) How does play affect their

The Power of Touch In Parenting
May 18, 2022

There are “touchy” people and “non-touchy” people, but the fact is physical contact is important in the human experience, and diving in and getting curious about how we feel about touch is important. So often the aversions are from childhood traumas and d

Meal Prepping, Picky Eaters & Grocery Shopping in Today’s World with guest Kristy Baranovskis
May 11, 2022

Have you wondered how to do ALL of the things you need to and are expected to do as a parent and still have time to put anything on the table that isn’t prepackaged fast food? Finding time for real food is a challenge and, in this episode, Kristy gives us

Bring Your Mess Into The Light
May 04, 2022

Life can feel like an arena. In parenting and in teen and tween life especially. Getting up and ready to face the challenges every day. In your arena you have 3 seats that are always taken up: Scarcity, Comparison and Shame. In this episode I walk thr

Tantrums to Talking with Toddlers to Teens with Guest Jill Urbane
April 27, 2022

Toddlers get a bad rap. They are opinionated, not in control of emotions or their bodies and they always WANT things, right? Yes, but what can we do to help them, and ourselves as parents, through this process? Nellie and Jill have an in depth discussion