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That's Her-Story

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E11: Space: A 2-Part Special (FINAL PART)
May 05, 2019

Episode 11: Space, Part 2 of 2This week is the second (and final) part of a special deep-dive into women in space with my once-a-month co-host, Ariel. We pick up from where Sally Ride left off and come straight to the now where women are pus...

E10: Space: A 2-Part Special with Co-Host
April 28, 2019

Episode 10: Space, Part 1 of 2This week is part one of a special deep-dive into women in space with my once-a-month co-host, Ariel. Next week will follow with part two, the final part. Once per month we will be posting a special (and slightl...

E9: Jane Goodall
March 23, 2019

Episode 9: Jane GoodallJane Goodall’s groundbreaking research on chimpanzees changed the scientific understanding of animal behavior as well as opened up the public’s eyes to the importance of animal conservation. You can ...

E8: Florence Nightingale
March 17, 2019

Episode 8: Florence NightingaleThe Lady with the Lamp dedicated her life to others and simultaneously invented a profession that women could enter and succeed in. Today’s story is the renown tale of one woman’s influence on modern medicine wi...

E7: The Rain Queens
March 03, 2019

Episode 7: The Rain QueensIn Southern Africa, a matrilineal dynasty has existed for centuries based on the power of women to control the rain. Today, we take about the Modjadji - the Rain Queens in the Limpopo province of South Africa. 

E6: Christina, King of Sweden
February 24, 2019

Episode 6: Christina, King of SwedenFrom Scandinavia to Europe, Christina ruled in many different ways. A non-gender-conforming ruler with or without a crown, Christina’s story is a more well-known one than most on this show, but s...

E5: Onna-bugeisha (women warriors)
February 16, 2019

Episode 5: Onna-bugeisha (female warriors)Grab your naginatas! Today we take a journey through centuries of Japanese history as we look at the story and journey of the Onna-bugeisha - the female samurai. Our Western lenses have often blacked ...

E4: Coretta Scott King
February 09, 2019

Episode 4: Coretta Scott KingIn observation of Black History Month in the United States, today we look at Coretta Scott King - an incredible woman who spent her life advocating for civil rights, world peace, economic solutions to poverty, and...

E3: Fatima Al-Fihri and Nana Asma'u
February 01, 2019

Episode 3: Fatima Al-Fahri and Nana Asma'uA double feature! Today we talk about TWO Muslim women who lived centuries apart, but made hugely significant contributions in the world of education. Fatima Al-Fahri created the world’s first univers...

E2: The Night Witches
February 01, 2019

Episode 2: The Night WitchesDoes it get much cooler than an all female air squadron bombing Nazis under the cover of darkness? No, it does not. Today we talk about the 588th regiment of the Soviet Air Force, aka The Night Witches. As the firs...