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Ep. 138: #HTGAWM Series Finale
May 22, 2020

The How To Get Away With Murder series finales is finally here, and it was a great ending to this crazy-ass show. 

Ep. 137: Station 19, Season 3 Finale
May 21, 2020

This week we talk Maya's shitty father, her mayor realization, and apology tour.  We get into the possibility of Andy's relationship falling apart, her meeting with Meredith Grey, and that mother of a cliffhanger. Also, how Dean treated Vic,

Ep. 136: Our Instant #HTGAWM Series Finale Reactions
May 15, 2020

Holy moly! How To Get Away With Murder is over people. Here's out quick immediate reactions to that insane finale.

Ep. 135: Hurt & Lies
May 13, 2020

This week we talk who Pruit could be, Sully coming clean, Maya's hurtful way, the trail of the century, Michaela's turning into AK, Connor's lies, Laurel is back and so much more. Plus listener comments.

Ep. 134: Hot Clusterfuq
May 06, 2020

Shondaland Thursday! This week we talk Maya’s denial, Andy’s regrets, Ben’s righteousness, Sam’s trauma, Frank’s daddy, Nate’s plan and so much more all with the help of our incredible listener comments. Intro & Quarantine Chat (0:00 – 4:50) S03 E14: S...

Ep. 133: I'll Venmo You Later
April 24, 2020

Shondaland Thursday! This week we discuss how everyone grieved and remember Captain Pruitt Herrera and give some wild new theories for how it’ll all end for Annalisse and company. Enjoy! Intro (0:00 – 1:24) S03 E13: Station 19 (1:24 – 41:06) S06 E12: H...

Ep. 132: More Fire Stuff Please
April 15, 2020

This week we say goodbye to Pruitt, talk Andy & Sully's surprise marriage, Teddy's voicemail, Amelia's labor, that very disappointing "who killed Asher" reveal, national treasure Cecily Tyson, and so much more. 

Ep. 131: Holding My Eye In
April 08, 2020

This week Karly pushes thru a bad migraine to talk Travis bullying Emmett, Sully's heroism, Tom's vulnerable side, Delucca and Meredith working on saving Richard, new theories about who killed Asher, Michaela & Connor's bond, and so much more.

Ep. 130: Group Therapy Sesh
March 31, 2020

This week we begin and end excited about How To Get Away With Murder coming back, a little quarantine catch up, we talk about Tracie Thoms as Dr. Diane Lewis telling everyone in the the firehouse about themselves,

Ep. 129: Stir Crazy Yet?
March 24, 2020

This week we talk Maya & Andy reconnecting, "Probie" needing to grow a pair, Jack & Miller crying, Delucca's mental stability, we're over the Teddy drama, the "Schmico" break up, and much more.