That Eerie Feeling with Elisa & Ashley

That Eerie Feeling with Elisa & Ashley

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Episode 43: Take Me to the Haunted House
February 03, 2020

Hello everyone! Don't worry, we're not ghosts. Just some old pals that you haven't heard from in a while! We're back and coming in hot, focusing in on cool little TV show called "The Haunting of Hill House". So join Elisa and Ashley as they explore Hill .

Episode 42: Killer Kristmas
December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays everyone! Have you ever wondered about our pal, Santa Claus? You know, the Jolly old man that delivers presents and watches closely over everyone. Have you ever thought he would watch a little too closely? Elisa and Ashley take a look-see .

Episode 41: Monster Identity - Are we Human or are they Alien?
December 11, 2019

Hello, hello, hello! Thank you for joining us on this lovely day/night. Ready to come aboard the Nostromo? Us neither! Join Elisa and Ashley as they somehow find themselves in the spaceship, Nostromo, from the film, Alien. Once aboard, they'll take a loo.

Episode 40: Monster Identity - Camp Fluidity
December 05, 2019

Welcome back, everyone! Gather around the campfire because this week, Elisa and Ashley reel us back in to continue our Monster Identity block. This time to talk about misgendering in horror films, specifically in the 1980's classic, Sleepaway Camp. So tr.

Episode 39: Monster Identity - Aware wolves
November 27, 2019

Hello Everyone! We are back and ready for a new episode. This week we will begin a new block series talking all things monsters and gender. We are kicking it off in London where Ashley tells us about two New Yorkers who have a bad time with 'An American .

Episode 38: Oktoberfest 00's and 10's (you aught to not)
October 30, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to that eerie feeling. This week we will be wrapping up out Oktoberfest block with the latest decades of horror, the 00's and 10's! Ashley will start us off in the era of frosted tips and Dial up internet with 'Final Destination'..

Episode 37: Oktoberfest - 80's and 90's (What Are You Craven?)
October 26, 2019

Hello everyone! Apologies for our delay for the ghouls got us shaking in our boots. Fear not for we're back for another Oktoberfest! In this episode, we'll be taking a closer look at the era of big hair and grunge, you guessed it - the 80's and 90's! Din.

Episode 36: Oktoberfest -60's and 70's (Can you hear the drums Fernando?)
October 09, 2019

Hello one and all. Welcome, this week we will be beginning a new block of episodes aptly titled 'Oktoberfest' cause you know, its October! We will be navigating our way through the decades starting with the 60's and 70's. We will start in the 60's with a.

Episode 35: Season of the Witch - Danger Danger (High Voltage)
October 02, 2019

Hello Everyone! Join us, for this week is the last week of our season of the witch series. So grab your potions and amulets and gather 'round. We will begin our journey by traveling far back in time for an informative but terrifying "documentary" titled .

Episode 34: Season of the Witch - Burn Baby Burn (Disco Inferno)
September 25, 2019

Hello Everyone! Come in come in. This week we will be continuing our season of the with series with two classic and more unknown films. Ashley will kick it off in Moldovia talking about the latest accessory, the death mask with the film ‘Black Sunday’. N.