Thank You, Five

Thank You, Five

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A Little Night Music - Act 2
April 01, 2024

We're uninvited but we're still weekending in the country. Wear your hair down and get ready for act 2 of A Little Night Music! So many things happen in the space of one dinner party! Love, sex, a stu

A Little Night Music - Act 1
March 18, 2024

A podcast in the country! We wish we'd been asked!Fresh from the flop (at the time) that was Follies, the team of Sondheim and Prince were looking for something more ... lighthearted and decided to l

Candide - Act 2
February 26, 2024

Life truly is happiness indeed, except when Mercury is in Retrograde, but even then it's the best of all possible worlds! We're finishing up February with act 2 of Candide! Who dies this time?To hear

Candide - ACT 1
February 12, 2024

Life is truly happiness indeed in that we get to talk to someone new about a great show! We're joined by Zach Ward of the Hardly Focused podcast to discuss Bernstein's Candide! Which one you ask? Well

The Sound of Music - Act II
December 27, 2023

We're back from trapaizing around the Austrian foothills in curtain clothes and we're ready to tackle the incoming Nazi take over! It's time for Act II of The Sound of Music! Happy Holidays!

The Sound of Music - Act 1
December 13, 2023

It's a holiday tradition! Somewhere! We finding out what we can't face and deal with those who are sixteen going on seventeen. Come join us as we trek through the Austrian Alps with the Sound of Music

Guys & Dolls - Act 2
November 28, 2023

We're all still getting over our psychosomatic colds and it's time for act 2 of Guys and Dolls!!! When we last left our cast, Sarah had ceremoniously broke it off with Sky, Adalaide was waiting for Na

Guys & Dolls - Act 1
November 15, 2023

It's November so our thoughts start heading towards warmer climates. Havana, especially! We're doing act 1 of the powerhouse, Guys & Dolls! So grab your dice and your bushels and your medical jour

The Rocky Horror Show - Act 2
October 31, 2023

Brad and Janet are spending the night over at the Frankestein place and things take a turn. Not that they weren't already. Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me cause we're doing Act 2 of The Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Show - Act 1
October 16, 2023

Who's Rocky Horror? Will Janet and Brad make it to Doctor Scott's? What does toast have to do with any of this anyway? We're talking about the cult show to end all cult movies or something hyperbolic