Tales From The Rabbit Hole

Tales From The Rabbit Hole

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Episode 57: Alex Dietrich, Clouds, Critical Thinking, and UFOs
August 25, 2023

Alex Dietrich served a 20-year career as a Naval officer and fighter pilot with two combat deployments. She was also deployed to Afghanistan as an Infrastructure reconstruction engineer. She then tra

Episode 56: Robert Bartholomew – Havana Syndrome and Mass Psychogenic Illness
October 22, 2021

Robert Bartholomew has a PhD in Medical Sociology, and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Hes an expert in Mass P

Episode 55 – Professor Avi Loeb: The Galileo Project
August 10, 2021

What is a University professor doing investigating UFOs? Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard University heads the Galileo Project, which seeks (in part) to identify the nature of Unidentified Aerial Phenom

Episode 54 – Mia Bloom and Sophia Moskalenko: Pastels and Pedophiles
August 04, 2021

Mia Bloom is Professor of Communication at Georgia State University with a PhD in political science from Columbia University. Sophia Moskalenko is a research fellow at Georgia State University and a r

Episode 53 – Jason Colavito – UFOs and the Invisible College, How Did We Get Here?
June 24, 2021

Jason Colavito is an author and journalist with a focus on alternative archeology and, more recently, the UFO cultural phenomenon. In May 2021, he wrote the article: How Washington Got Hooked on Fl

Episode 52 – Luis Elizondo – UFOs, UAPs, AATIP, and TTSA
March 11, 2021

Luis Elizondo is a former senior intelligence official, a disclosure advocate, a national security expert, and the former director of the Pentagons UFO/UAP Program (AATIP). We talk about his work in

Episode 51 – Michael: Post Inauguration QAnon Catchup
March 10, 2021

Michael is a follower of Q, in what is commonly known as the QAnon conspiracy theory. I first talked to him one year ago, February 2020. We met on Twitter discussing UFOs, but had a...

Episode 50 – Alex: Raised by Conspiracy Theorists
March 09, 2021

Alex was raised by conspiracy theorists. This makes him different from most people who end up down the rabbit hole in that assuming nefarious plots were going on was never a surprise to him. Indeed,...

Episode 49 – Georgina: A QAnon Friend in the UK
March 07, 2021

QAnon is a very American conspiracy theory, focussing upon a supposed plan by a mysterious entity named Q who was working with Donald Trump to rid the US of a corrupt elite. But despite this...

Episode 48 – Accidentally Dating a Conspiracy Theorist
January 29, 2021

My guest this week thought all was well when she started dating a handsome intelligent man. But then a few things he said, particularly about the Jews started to seem like something more than just..