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Fighting The Resistance-Words of Wisdom From Steven Pressfield

January 27, 2023
onday Mission-Quit Telling Yourself What to Do All the Time. Instead, Askonday Mission-Quit Telling Yourself What to Do All the Time. Instead, Ask

The ‘resistance’ is a self inflicted sabotager that can keep us from answering our life’s highest call. I’ve fought it many times. I had to fight it to bring you this blog entry and podcast. It never goes away.

What is the resistance actually? I don’t think anyone can say. Maybe it’s satan. Maybe it’s the universe just messing with us. While we can’t necessarily give it a face we can certainly see its shadow.

It’s when you don’t do the thing you really want to do because others might think ill of you. It’s not pursuing your highest calling because you might fail and be left in shambles. To avoid our call we let things like time, talent, the views of others sabotage us.

The sad thing is these things all exist only in our head. Life has enough boundaries, roadblocks and obstacles. Don’t make life even more difficult by creating resistance in your own mind.

I first learned of the resistance from author Steven Pressfield in his book ‘The War of Art.’ It’s a fantastic read I recommend to any would-be creative or entrepreneur. He discusses in great detail what the resistance is as well as how to slay it.

Pressfield has become somewhat of a virtual mentor of mine, and I’m thankful to learn his teachings and glean his wisdom. I hope you enjoy this installment of the JWS ‘Best Friday Ever.’

Thanks for listening.

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