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The Jason Wright Show

Self Image, Authentic Womanhood and Lessons Learned-Summer Tennison, Host of the 'For the One and For the One Listening Podcast'

December 20, 2022

As most of you know I’m a father. I have two beautiful daughters who are 21 and 22 respectively. They have grown into amazing young women, and I could not be more proud. As a result of being their Dad I’ve been able to watch some of their friends grow as well.

One such friend is Summer Tennison. Summer just graduated from The University of Alabama, and is now entering into the next chapter of her life. As such, she has decided to devote her life to her faith and the betterment of young women everywhere.

It’s her heart’s cry to share the message of faith, Jesus and authentic womanhood with women-particularly those at the pivotal stage of life-post adolescence.

This was such a great conversation with a young woman wise beyond her years. Summer has just launched a new podcast called ‘For the One and For the One Listening.’ You can find a link to the show HERE.

I hope you’ll have a listen to not only my conversation with Summer but her new show as well. Merry Christmas!