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The Jason Wright Show

Is Aging a Choice? Dr. Nayan Patel

November 29, 2022
Dr. Nayan Patel and Tony Robbins

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with optimizing my age. Well, maybe that’s the wrong description. I’ve become obsessed with slowing the aging process but more importantly adding healthspan. There is a difference.

Although we are living longer, we are not living healthier. There has even been a trend in the U.S. by which people are reversing the strides we’ve made and dying sooner. That’s almost unfathomable. Oh, and before you say, “Yea, Jason, but what about COVID?” It’s accounted for.

We aren’t dying sooner because of COVID. We are dying sooner because of poor health choices. America is getting, on the whole, unhealthier. This impacts not only lifespan, but more importantly healthspan.

In those ‘marginal’ years (those years in which we are at the end of life and basically on borrowed time) many people are not living. They are simply alive. This sucks. I’m on a mission to actually LIVE as long as I can. I’m hoping when I die, it will just be a sudden stop or a very quick downturn due to overuse.

To this end, I have been seeking out the advice and input from leading experts such as Dr. Matt Kaeberlein and others. This week’s guest is somewhat of a pioneer and genius.

Dr. Nayan Patel is world renown for his breakthrough in Glutathione supplementation specifically how it is delivered. Dr. Patel discovered and patented a method of applying glutathione topically thus bypassing the liver and actually being absorbed into the body.

Glutathione known as the ‘master antioxidant’ has many benefits for healthspan and longevity. Before hearing about Dr. Pate’s work I knew nothing of Glutathione. Now I apply his serum every day. I also happen to be in good company.

Some of his most prominent clients include Tom Brady and Tony Robbins.

It also happens that Dr. Patel is a truly amazing human. What started as a conversation about a supplement and healthspan turned into one of philosophy. I am so fortunate to have been able to have this conversation with Dr. Patel. I know you will enjoy it as well.


About Dr. Nayan Patel

Nayan Patel PharmD, Founder of Auro Wellness and CEO of Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy.

Dr. Nayan Patel is a sought after pharmacist, wellness expert, and thought leader in his industry. He has been working with physicians since 1999 to custom develop medication for their clients and design a patient specific drug and nutrition regimen. He has been the pharmacist of choice to celebrities, CEO’s and physicians themselves.

He recently published his first comprehensive book, “The Glutathione Revolution: Fight Disease, Slow Aging & Increase Energy.” After 11 years of clinical research on the master antioxidant, glutathione, Dr. Patel finally shares how powerful and essential glutathione is to the body’s detox system. He speaks about the various benefits it has with slowing the aging process down, and explains how you can increase your levels naturally. Dr. Patel is a firm believer in providing the body with tools it needs to defend itself and promote a healthy lifestyle that fits the pace of the modern world.

Nayan Patel, Pharm.D is globally regarded as the foremost go-to expert on absorbable forms of glutathione, and holds the only patent on transdermal glutathione. In addition to many other topics such as cellular function and hormone replacement, Patel is a highly sought after global authority on the critical role in that glutathione, and all other antioxidants and endogenous molecules play in the body. Along with traveling the world educating practitioners on advanced biochemistry and anti-aging science, Dr. Patel also serves as adjunct faculty at the University Of Southern California School Of Pharmacy where he is also an alumnus.

He is currently a licensed compounding pharmacist that is still involved in designing and compounding drugs and nutrition therapies for his patients that includes athletes, CEO’s, highly stressed actors, physicians themselves and the community where he has practiced for 25 years. Besides being a pharmacist, CEO, and leader, he is a father to his three kids, husband to his supportive wife and a son to his dad who is the inspiration to help heal the world.

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