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Best Friday Ever for 1-28-22 The Problem With Gaining Pleasure With No Struggle. A Word From Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman

January 28, 2022

What the hell is going on? Why are people so miserable yet so sedated by pleasure all at the same time?

I just learned one of my college friends overdosed and died recently. He was not some out there, loser who was down and out. He was a typical middle aged guy making his way.

I’ve had two fraternity brothers die at their own hands. I have one who lost his son to suicide during the pandemic. What the hell is happening?

I talk to my daughters about this all the time. Why do so many of their friends vape, smoke pot, do cocaine, take hits of acid, struggle with alcohol? Why is everyone having such a hard time feeling good?

I am obsessed with feeling good. I love natural highs. I love the endorphin rush my ice bath gives me. I love the feeling of completing a hard workout and the pleasure that comes with it.

However we now live in a society where there is an abundance of pleasure and a scarcity of work ethic. We don’t have to work for our pleasure any longer. This is a problem. I posted a while back one of the reasons Americans are so fat is we no longer have to struggle for food. Our bodies were designed to struggle for our rewards.

However, in modern society we have so much ease and pleasure at our disposal we can set a constant endorphin drip with nothing more than an iPhone. From now on when you see someone entransed by their phone think of it as an endorphin drip. Scary thought huh?

Now we have the metaverse on the horizon. We are about to live in the matrix. Well, some of us are. I’m concerned we are about to see people living in alternate universes. I just saw this picture on Insta and it pretty well sums up where we’re headed.

life in the metaverse

If we are able to escape reality and retreat to a universe that only exists in our minds then will we end up seeing colonies of people just lying on cots strapped to IV’s while their minds roam the metaverse? This can’t be good.

In this quick Best Friday Ever, I swiped a message from Tom Bileyu’s Impact Theory, in which neuroscientist Andrew Huberman lays it out pretty succinctly.

Here’s my message. Stay with us. Stay in reality. Alter your real reality and become all you are meant to be. You and I were not meant to live in the metaverse. We were meant to live in the hear and the now of reality.

Once you embrace this fact, and realize the unbelievable capabilities each of us have you won’t want to go to a fantasy world. You will want to remain a badass in the real world.

I’m pulling for you to stay and kickass.



YouTube: “Be Inspired: Neuroscientist: “First Hour of The Morning is CRUCIAL” | Andrew Huberman

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