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The Jason Wright Show

Addiction, Recovery and Entrepreneurship' Eric Peyton and Carey Crist of The In Vivo Project

October 19, 2021
Episode 101-Eric Peyton and Carey Crist of The In Vivo Project

Eric Peyton, founder and owner of In Vivo, is an experienced interventionist, recovery coach and wellness specialist based in Dallas, Texas.  Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler.  Prior to launching In Vivo, Eric worked as a Wellness & Recreation Counselor at Caron Treatment Centers helping patients tackle their addictions by improving their physical wellness through innovative fitness training, adventure-based team building exercises and equine assisted therapy.  Eric also has over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer delivering high quality fitness instruction and nutritional guidance to executives, professionals and high performance athletes.  As a recovery coach with a background in fitness and nutrition, Eric has a unique understanding of the interrelationship between wellness and recovery.  He believes that successful recovery is dependent on physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  During post-treatment recovery, Eric integrates The Seven Dimensions of Wellness to help clients build on their strengths and shore up their weaknesses so that they may embrace their sobriety, avoid relapse and reach their personal goals.


A comprehensive assessment is the first step in understanding each client’s unique needs. However, there is a flood of treatment providers and navigating these options can be a convoluted and difficult process. In Vivo simplifies treatment planning by collaborating with acclaimed psychologists, psychiatrists and other trusted professionals. Together, we create a custom recovery plan constructed to ensure personalized service every step of the way.


A professional intervention presents a unique opportunity – a definitive moment of change – to address complex family issues and take action in a safe environment. Interventions are planned meticulously, and require a complex effort that may require two or three meeting prior in order to develop a comprehensive family plan.  In Vivo prepares families through didactic training on addiction and a collaborative treatment plan meant to identify how to best support the client’s sustained recovery.


Sober transportation typically follows an intervention and is useful once clients decide to pursue residential treatment. In Vivo‘s sober transport service provides the client with safe and efficient transportation by a recovery coach who can help ease anxiety and provide encouragement along the client’s journey to residential treatment.


For individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders, the first 90 days following in-patient treatment are the most critical.  Studies show that relapse rates are as high as 75% during that 90 day period.  However, individuals with outpatient support are more likely to maintain their sobriety in the first year following treatment.  In Vivo protects your investment in treatment through 24-hour-a-day companionship during transition from the highly structured treatment environment to post-treatment daily life.


Recovery Coaching is designed to help transition clients into everyday life.  A recovery coach partners with the client to identify the unique barriers hindering their full recovery and offers mentorship – in real time – to successfully overcome challenges. As a client progresses and implements positive lifestyle changes, In Vivo provides ongoing support to promote long-term recovery and realization of client goals.