The Jason Wright Show

The Jason Wright Show

Episode 66 Dan Hooper

December 01, 2020
Dan Hooper

Dan Hooper founded ScholarShot in 2009. Dan has been a successful business growth executive in Dallas since 1979.  He left a successful business consulting firm, ISI, he helped manage and grow since 2003 to serve as Executive Director of ScholarShot.  ISI has experienced record growth the last 6 years.  It’s Dan’s vision and passion which helped create the ScholarShot model and DegreeDallas campaign.

ScholarShot was founded in 2009 by concerned business professionals, educators and community volunteers who saw numerous well-meaning college advisement and “access” programs failing at-risk students. In Texas, 9 out of 10 of these students who get into college drop out. ScholarShot has developed a proven model of academic navigation, personal guidance and financial support that reverses this outcome with 90% of our Scholars succeeding in earning life-changing vocational, associate or undergraduate degrees. Leveraging the success of the ScholarShot model, our Degree Dallas Campaign is on track to produce 500 first generation college degrees from Dallas County.

This is a great conversation with great information regarding the state of education in the state. I hope you will consider getting involved in this fantastic organization. Visit to learn more.