Tending Seeds: Adventures in Gardening, Homesteading, and Herbalism

Tending Seeds: Adventures in Gardening, Homesteading, and Herbalism

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Ep 55 - Spring Means Worktime
June 13, 2024

It was a long winter but we're back with some great project updates now that the weather has gotten nicer and we can get back to work on our property! Spring means worktime around here for sure!! Mike

Ep 54 - Our 2024 Goals
January 22, 2024

Hi friends! Happy New Year! We're back with our first episode of 2024 where we reflect on what we accomplished in 2023, share some big life events that happened, and then dive into our goals for this

Ep 53 - Essential Tools for Your Homestead
November 30, 2023

Hey friends! Mike is back on the podcast with me to discuss essential tools for your homestead. We start off by talking about hand tools and then progress to battery-operated power tools and corded po

Ep 52 - Reflections After One Year Living Off-Grid
October 12, 2023

Hey friends! October 20th marks one year of us living off-grid on our land in Colorado, so we thought it would be nice to take an episode to reflect on everything we've accomplished so far! We also di

Ep 51 - Alaskan Homesteading with Natalie, the Alaska Redhead
June 22, 2023

Hi friends!! Im recording this intro on the summer solstice, looking out at the garden and just really loving life at the moment. This weather is absolutely amazing. Weve gotten a TON of work done o

Ep 50 - Our Off-Grid Infrastructure
June 01, 2023

Today is our 50th episode!! I have Mike on the podcast with me again and we're diving into all of the different parts of our off-grid infrastructure. We share what has worked, what hasn't, and things

Ep 49 - Small-Scale Homesteading with Michelle and Stephanie
May 18, 2023

Hi friends! I hope the month of May has been treating you well! Things here are looking great its finally warm enough that we have some seeds started and sprouting, and we were invited to vend at a

Ep 48 - The Sustainable Homestead with Angela Ferraro-Fanning
April 27, 2023

Today Im excited to welcome Angela Ferraro-Fanning to the podcast. She is a self-taught first-generation farmer who runs, a six-acre farm in central New Jersey. She grows and preserves her own homeg

Ep 47 - Moving to Our New Homestead
April 13, 2023

Hi, friends! We're back with our second episode with my partner, Mike, as a guest. We're continuing this series discussing the process of restarting our homestead out here in Colorado. Today's episode

Ep 46 - Growing Mushrooms with Nashville Farmacy
March 30, 2023

Im so excited to welcome Dylan and Mickenzie of to the podcast today! This is the final interview that I recorded back in Tennessee, and some of the only guests that I was fortunate enough to get to