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Tech Tea

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Tech Tea 021: Tea Drunk
March 27, 2017

Tea: Liu An Gua Pian (“Melon Slice” or “Sunflower Seed”) green tea.  Damon talks about the developing drama around a purported iCloud ransom.  Michael touches on where you can and where you can’t make choices about your information online.

Tech Tea 020: Spider-Mike
March 13, 2017

Tea: Golden Peacock (Jin Kong Que) black tea.  Damon talks about automating work.  Michael looks at different fountain pen technologies.  Also: second floor windows, daylight saving time, tea farm ownership structures, confusing Mandarin and Spanish,

Tech Tea 019: Fuzzy Bits from the Misty Mountains
February 27, 2017

Tea: Meng Ding Mao Feng green tea.  Damon covers the “Cloudbleed” vulnerability that’s in the tech news recently.  Michael considers cybernetics and machine learning.  Also: hobbit feet, paper and pens in the news, being insecure, passing out,

Tech Tea 018: Green Granola
February 13, 2017

Tea: Golden Guan Yin wulong.  Damon talks about full drive encryption and encrypted chat apps.  Michael considers encryption and security from a behavioral perspective.  Also: water boiling technique, rhyming, sniffing microphones,

Tech Tea 017: A Bag of Mice
January 30, 2017

Tea: Emperor’s Orchid (Wang  Zhe Zhi Xiang) green tea.  Damon talks about permission concerns in the hot new app, Meitu.  Michael considers the friction between different levels of technology.  Also: brown towels, InCoWriMo, Sprinting,

Tech Tea 016: The Miscellaneous Sounds Episode
January 19, 2017

Tea: Qimen Caixia (“Sunrise Keemun”).  Damon talks about the shift to a new studio.  Both discuss public information as a security risk.  Michael looks at a new VR experience coming in early 2017.  Also: buzzing phones, dripping rain,

Tech Tea 015: My Tasty Strips
January 02, 2017

Tea: Palace (Gong Ting) Puer. Damon discusses some problems with ebooks and other cloud-storage solutions. Michael talks machine learning, language, and translation. Also: inappropriate names for digital assistants,

Tech Tea 014: It’s a Five not a 7
December 22, 2016

Tea: Yellow Sprig (Huang Zhi Xiang) Dan Cong.  Damon discusses the innovations of 2016.  Michael covers web projects that make people safer.   Also: Hacks and hacking, confused assistants, searching in Latin or when you don’t know how to spell,

Tech Tea 013: These Tea Balls Smell Good
December 05, 2016

Tea: Silver Dragon Jasmine Pearls.  Michael differentiates between “scented” and “flavored.”  Damon describes his week in Vegas learning about Amazon’s AI services. Also: helicopters coming to get us, watermelons, getting a lei in Hawai’i,

Tech Tea 012: The Jet Lag Is Real
November 21, 2016

Tea: Qi Dan (Da Hong Pao). Damon talks about his recent trip to Japan and Michael talks about taking the long view of technology and language. Also: tea and mental powers, sources of aftertastes, empathising with old plants, getting tongue-tied,