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Techstyler x Bottletop

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Techstyler X BOTTLETOP Speaker series - Special LFW Edition
March 12, 2019

With rising consumer demands for transparency and sustainability, what can craft, ethical manufacturing and artisanship teach us?

Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series [Innovation in Fashion]: ‘Concept or Luxury?’
January 24, 2019

Sustainability in fashion is often discussed in terms of materials, supply chain, packaging and recycling, but what is the role of the designer in brands becoming more sustainable? Designers influence the material and manufacturing choices that form the p

Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series [Innovation in Fashion]: ‘‘Biomaterials and Biodesign"
January 15, 2019

Advancements in biomaterials and biodesign suggest that growing materials may offer superior functionality and sustainability, compared to current textile and material manufacturing methods. Will the next generation of sustainable materials for fashion an

Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series [Innovation in Fashion]: ‘Sustainability Driven by New Technologies: 3D Digital Design and Virtual Reality’
January 15, 2019

As the worlds of animation, CGI and design collide, new 3D digital design tools are allowing hyper-real design of both models and clothing. These tools can avoid the need for toxic and wasteful physical clothing prototyping and can allow presentation of f

Techstyler x Bottletop Speaker Series [Innovation in Fashion]: 'Sustainable Materials For Design'
January 15, 2019

Much is said about ‘sustainable materials’ in apparel and product design, but what makes a material sustainable? How can brands adopt sustainable materials without compromising on aesthetics and function? Why is adopting sustainable materials crucial to b